Running late to your office or are you behind time for a party or just feeling lazy in doing anything.. then try these easy yet very useful tricks to ease out some of the trouble.

  1. How long??

Tired of waiting for your freshly painted nails to dry up without a scratch? Well, wait no more; just dip them into a bowl of iced cold water to help them dry faster.

  1. Too dark to use?

By mistake you’ve bought a foundation which is too dark for your skin tone, then add a bit of moisturizer every time to lighten it.

  1. Why waste?

The tip of your eye or lip pencil tends to brake or smudge every time you sharpen it? Then let it rest in the fridge for an hour before sharpening it to avoid wastage.

  1. Time to switch

Avoid using a towel post hair wash as it tends to break your hair. Instead use an old used soft t-shirt, which will not only avoid breakage but also will dry your hair faster!

  1. Even that make up remover isn’t that helpful?

Trouble removing that very heavy eye makeup even with a makeup remover? To solve the problem, spray your regular make up remover on a cotton pad and add a drop or two of coconut oil. Apply this on your closed eye and see the mascara to the eye shadow, disappear very swiftly.

  1. No saloon? No shaving cream?

You have to wax in urgency and you don’t have either of the above, then use a conditioner to razor those unwanted hair.

  1. That fine look!

Want that fine flawless airbrush look, just sitting at home? Then spin your brush in light and small circles starting from your cheekbone to your hairline.

  1. Too lazy?

When laziness trumps oily hair, then just sprinkle some baby powder to your scalp in the night. By morning the powder would have soaked up the oil and also disappeared. Hence giving you a wash free day!!

  1. Did it again?

Created a mess out of the liner due to shaky hands and scared that its removal will also wipe out rest of the eye make – up? Don’t worry, just use a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly and clean off the messed up liner.

  1. Don’t need it.

Lost your eye shadow palette? Got a party to attend? Use a cotton swab to smudge your liner to get that smoky effect.

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