10 Bengali films which had many hot scenes, watch them only when no one is around!

Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak are the first two names that a pop-up whenever one talks about Bengali cinema. But Bengali cinema has come far ahead from that! And is a must-mention while talking about sensuous films. It is way ahead Bollywood and other regional film industries in terms of producing bold content.

And here we bring to you 10 boldest ever Bengali films, that you should never dare to watch when someone else is around.

Take One (2014): This film is based on the life of a girl whose inappropriate scenes get leaked online and has lots of bold scenes that make you go breathless!


Chitrangada – The Crowning Wish (2012): It is based on the theme of homose*xuality and depicts se*xual desires of homose*uals.

Rajkahini (2015): Vidya Balan starrer Begum Jaan is based on this sensuous film. Based on Indo-Pak partition era, this film is filled with super hot scenes.

Bibar (2006): This film depicts a psycho-se*xual relationship between a high class call girl and an investigation officer.


Cosmic $ex (2014): Considered as the most bold film of Bengali cinema, it has shown the connection between se*x and spirituality. It is filled with oodles of nudity and intimate scenes.


Khawto (2016): It is an erotic thriller in which a writer imagines having intimate scenes with a woman and then writes them down.

Family Album (2015): It’s story revolves around the love affair between two lesbians and has lots of steamy scenes between the two female protagonists.


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