Every day, there is so much happening around the world that we are not aware of. There are tragedies, victories, lives and deaths-all happening at the same time. It may sound easy when we hear about the account from a second person. But when we really have to go through it, the experience is different. Sometimes, it is pure joy and the other times, it is nerve-wrecking.

Since, we cannot always be present on the spot and may miss these extra-ordinary episodes of life. At such instances, what come handy are movies. Movies based on true stories make us feel like a part of the story. We live the story with characters, while watching it. We celebrate the victories of our heroes and weep with them in times of despair.

Although, Bollywood is well known for its masala films but every now and then, it give us movies which come to life on screen because they are not just stories but real-life events. They inspire us, shock us and even provide us with real life hacks which can be used in times of dire need. Check out the following video to know more about such movies.

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