10 Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Almost Faced Death

By admin

January 03, 2018

Here are all the Bollywood celebrities who nearly faced death:

Saif Ali Khan

During the shoot of his film, “Kya Kehna”, Saif Ali Khan’s head got hit by a stone and he underwent around 100 stitches. Talking about the tragic event, Saif had earlier mentioned,  “It was the biggest accident of my life… to add to it my family was not around, my director fell ill so he left, and no one was there by my side at that point other than her. She was there all through.’’

Sunny Leone

It was only recently when the former Bigg Boss contestant, Sunny Leone and her hubby Daniel survived a tragic plane crash. Talking about the same, she even took it to her Twitter account to state, “Hey everyone, our plane almost just crashed and now we’re in some remote place in Maharashtra”. In other tweets she even explained how their luck turned out to be good that day and how it was all because of the pilots that they were safe and alive.

Celina Jaitley

Celina Jaitley is another famous actress in the Bollywood industry, who narrowly escaped death, while shooting for her South Indian film, “Sreemati”. During the shoot, when she was standing near an outcrop, a camera buggy got mishandled and it toppled Celina. But fortunately, Camera assistant Ram Gopal Mishra came to her rescue just on time and grabbed her.

Sunil Grover

The very popular comedian Sunil Grover had a narrow escape from death in February 2014, when he met with an accident after his BMW collided with an Alto at the Navi-Mumbai-Belapur-Panvel highway.

Hema Malini

The very beautiful actress Hema Malini experienced a massive car collision in 2015 which almost took away her life. According to reports, it was revealed that Hema Malini’s car got collided with another car near Dausa, which resulted in leaving some serious wounds over her right eye. Others who were traveling with the actress and got some major injuries included a four-year-old girl, a lady, and a six-year-old girl.

Sonu Sood

The ‘Happy New Year’ actor Sonu Sood met with a terrible accident in 2013 when his Audi Q7 caught fire while he was on the Western Express Highway with a friend Ajay Dhama. The moment the two noticed smoke issuing from the bonnet, they immediately stopped the car and managed to get out of it when the fire went out of control.

Zaira Wasim

Secret Superstar actress Zaira Wasim almost faced death when she met with a car accident while she was going somewhere with her friend, Arif Ahmad. Their car lost its control at the Boulevard Road and fell into the Dal Lake. The locals of that area rescued her and her friend and saved their lives.

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta has been lucky enough to have survived death two times. In one of the incidents, the actress was performing at a show titled “Temptation 2004” in Colombo with other celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra when a bomb ripped through the stands, which was only six feet away from them. Another incident happened when she survived a devastating Tsunami while she was holidaying in Thailand in the year 2004.

Nargis Khan

During the shooting of the film‘Mother India’, a real fire broke out on the sets and Nargis Khan got caught inside it. And without giving much of thought, Sunil Dutt, who played the role of Nargis’ child in the film, dashed into the fire with a blanket to ward off the flames and carried Nargis off to safety. And after this incident, their real love story began and soon the two got married.

Lara Dutta

During the shoot of her first motion picture ‘Andaaz’, Lara nearly faced her death, when the waves pushed her away with the flow. But Akshay came to her rescue and saved her by pulling her back.