If we go by the history, gambling has been viewed as a male-dominated arena, with a ratio of approximately 2:1 in its prevalence in men and women in the general adult population. Be it poker, slot, baccarat, blackjack, football or roulette betting, men have claimed and controlled it. But things are rapidly changing as women across the world can be seen putting their best foot forward in jobs, industries, and pastimes which were previously dominated by men. And that’s exactly what is happening in the gambling arena too!

Women have overthrown the men in an area in which they had once found their niche. Though the Poker tournaments you’ve seen on TV may be largely male affairs, more and more women are anteing up and dealing themselves in and with impressive results to match.

Now the big question is: who are these ladies that have not only entered the gambling arena but have also conquered it.

Look no further than Vanessa Selbst if you’re searching for a femme fatale of felt. No stranger to the finals of Poker tournaments across the world, her track record – which includes winning $1.4 million at a single tournament – speaks for itself.

Plenty of celebrities have started turning up at the tables as well, including Pamela Anderson of all people! While her skills aren’t quite as famed as some of the other ladies on our list, tales of her exploits at the table are legendary, and include an infamous outing where she had a $250,000 debt forgiven for just a kiss.

Another famous lady on our list? Gladys Night. She may have been the Queen of soul, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t familiar with other kinds of royals – flushes or otherwise. She even tried her hand at sports betting every now and then, though the history books aren’t quite so sure about her success there.

Here’s a brief look at the 10 greatest women gamblers of all time.These women have always been winning and won’t stop anytime soon. Tell us who is your favourite one amongst the lot in the comment section.

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