Every girl has expectations and fancies when it comes to a relationship. Women love to picture how their dream guy is going to look but most of all, it is very consequential to look for certain attributes to look for in a man other than his looks. At the end of the day, looks does not matter but the traits do.

If your guy has some special sides, there is a strong chance that the relationship or marriage will last forever.
These qualities will make you think how important the traits are in a relationship with your man. No one is perfect, neither are you but it is okay to check for some aspects that will add life to your relationship.


Have a look at the things that will help you to find your dream guy much effortlessly.


Your man should be hopeful and confident about the future. You will definitely feel the good vibes around you if your man is cherry and positive. After all, he has a great influence on you too. Optimism is one of the most important things to look for in a man other than his appearance.

A man who is free of deceit will make you feel happier and safe at every point in your life. He should be sincere and truthful. If your man has this characteristic, he is definitely the one!

These days, couples want spark in their relationship. A guy who can make you laugh is a guy who can ensure that you will never be out of amusement in your life. He should be comical and funny.

It doesn’t always matter if the man is muscular, but he should be brave by heart. He should be a vigorous, hale and hearty man.

A man who can share his heart with you is a man who needs you. When things get rough, and if you are his savior, then it is meant to be. Every guy needs emotional support no matter how strong he may look on the outside. Guys do feel insecure, too. Respect that!

A guy should not exhibit self-consciousness. His behavior needs to be natural and bold. He should not lack self-esteem. An embarrassed man would always feel hideous and wouldn’t be proud to hold your hand in public. I am sure you don’t want that, girls!

Love is also about passion and zeal. A man should feel full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination when he is around you. A lazy person would only make things worse.

If he tends to work with energy and commitment, you wouldn’t have to worry about the financial aspect. A diligent man knows how things are done.

Being able to keep your happiness first is extremely important. He should show sympathy and concern for you in the first place and never let you feel alienated. A tender-hearted man is all you need to fix your rough days.

A women needs to be respected more than loved. Your man should always be deferential with you and should never cross his limits. He should never use words that would hurt you and always handle things with politeness. A man who cannot respect a woman is a man who doesn’t deserve one.

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