First dates are incredibly awkward and they can be very tricky as they are full of judgement calls. Sometimes everything goes very amazing, yet many a times things might not go as you wanted them to be! Whether it goes well or not there are some insane thoughts that every woman has on her first date.

What should I wear?

Here’s the most confusing question that every woman has on her mind and that is what should I wear? Should I wear a casual dress? Should I wear a very flashy dress to grab his attention? All the ladies out there have these thoughts before going on a first date.
Should I shave my legs?
This is the second most common question or thought that every woman has on her mind! If you do shave your legs, it’s a little presumptuous. But if you don’t shave, you might be totally unprepared. Is that third date rule still a thing? Ugh, better safe than sorry.


Am I talking too much?
“Am I being interesting or over interested?” You don’t want to come across as a desperate person but also want to show interest in him as well—if there’s an attraction there.
Should I flirt back or not?
When things start getting spiced up, you start worrying about the flirting. Should I flirt back? Should I give him random compliments? Wouldn’t it sound too desperate? You’ll start overthinking and get a little bit nervous.
Should I make a continuous eye-contact?
If he is giving too much eye contact, you will either be turned on by his intensity or turned off by it. You don’t want to feel like he wants to devour you, but you also don’t want him to feel like you’re picturing him naked.
Has he stalked me on Instagram?
There’s no way you’re not checking him out on the Internet first. Wait—what?! How does he have more Instagram followers than you? And how does he know your best friend? You’ll go through all these thoughts on your first date!
Should I be casual or way too formal?
It usually gets very weird on first dates as you don’t know how to act in front of your date. You’re completely puzzled about what to say or how to reply him. You’d probably be thinking about being formal on a first date but you don’t want to be way too formal!
Am I being too awkward?
You’d being probably thinking that are you being too awkward or way too formal with him? Usually on first dates it gets awkward so you need not worry about it all. You’ll reach your comfort level gradually!
Does he really like me?
You’re completely dubious about the fact that he likes you not. You don’t want to waste your time on the ‘wrong guy’ which you could have spent with the man of your dreams.
Umm is he ‘the one’ for me?
Some couples meet and they feel like this is all they ever wanted and are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. You start thinking about him in a serious way. Is he the one for you? Most of the women have such thoughts on a first date!

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