10 Life changing hacks that every woman should Know!

Want to look attractive and charismatic? Don’t have correct beauty and makeover essentials?

Here are some beauties and classy life hacks for you, which you won’t even know that are beneficial to you in several ways. Have a look and enjoy them.

  1. Vaseline helps in preventing messy self-manicures

Before painting your nails, applying Vaseline to the edges of the nails can avoid the messy stray marks as they are easily wiped away without ruining your manicure

2. Prop up your ponytail by inserting bobby pins vertically into your ponytail holder

After you’ve put your hair in a ponytail, insert two-three bobby pins in such a way that pins are inside the elastic halfway and facing downwards towards the crown of your head. Then, try to fluff your ponytail for giving a fuller look that won’t be dangling again.

3. For texturizing milkmaid braids use a toothbrush

To achieve a proper look for the French maid braids, as they look best they’re roughed up, take a toothbrush and brush them against the way they’ve been made braided.

4. To make your hair appear thicker from the roots, hide the scalp using an eyeshadow

Dust an eyeshadow at slightly at the scalp, same as the hair colour. This will make your hair appear thicker not only in reality but this trick will make your hair look thicker in the pictures also. Also, this hack can be used along with a hairline in a ponytail.

5. After painting nails, soaking them in ice water make them dry faster

Soaking your nails in ice water after few minutes of painting them make the nail paint set and hence, dries it faster.

6. Fix the stains caused by foundation with the help of a little bit of shaving cream

If accidentally you smudge your make up on your clothes, before tossing it for a wash, just wipe off the stain with a bit of shaving cream. It could fix the stain properly.

7. To rewet a mascara, add few drops of saline solution to it

As per the recommendations, you are only allowed to use a mascara for three months, using them further may lead to eye infections and it collects bacteria. But if it dries within those three months, reviving of the mascara can be done with the addition of few drops of saline solution to it.

8. Eyelash curler curls the best eyelashes if heated up a bit with hairdryer

Easily curls of eyelashes can be obtained, and they stay for a long time than ever. It works the same way, as the curly hair holds long through a curling iron, the pattern of the hair gets changed by the heat. A little heat is enough to prevent your eyelashes to get burned.

9. Use the handle and the round edge of the spoon for a perfect winged eyeliner

Put the handle of the spoon on the outer edge of the eye to draw a straight line, and for a perfect curve use the spoon as if it’s hugging your eyelid. Make a perfect outline and fill it with a finished look

10. Applying cold tea bags under the eyes can decrease puffiness

To tighten your under-eye skin, apply the cold green tea bags for five to six minutes. This will de-puff the skin under eyes.





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