Though you don’t need a special day to express your love, but occasions like Valentine’s day make you do something special for your partner. After all, the day celebrates love. February brings along a fresh and soothing air of love with the Valentine’s day. With Valentine’s day, just around the corner, you all must looking for ways to make the day special for your loved one. Be it your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, you can make the day of love special for him with little ways.


Take him to that special spot

It all began when you two started liking each other. Slowly, you reached the phase where you fell in love with each other. You two have some unforgettable memories. This valentine’s day, take a look back at all those beautiful memories by making him revisit those places. It could be the place where you two first met or the restaurant where you both first ate or the garden where you went for a walk together. Take him there and relive your memories.

Ditch cliché gifts

Watch, sunglasses, shoes, clothes are all clichéd gifts. You can gift him things like this any day. Surprise him with something that excites him. It can be his favorite music concert tickets or movie screenings. If he is someone who is interested in theatre, you can book play tickets for him. Besides this, you can get personalised gifts for him. You can get personalised tees and express your love using it. Tees saying ‘I love my boyfriend’, ‘My boyfriend is the best’, ‘He is mine’ and ‘I love my crazy boyfriend’ are good options. They will speak all what you wish to tell him.


Add a punch of adventure

This is one unique way to make the Valentine’s day very special for him. By adding some adventure to the day, you will add an altogether different zeal to your day. You can pick from adventure activities like air safari, rock climbing, flying fox, go karting, paragliding, jet skiing or bungee jumping. He will really appreciate your special effort to arrange something like this for him. If you are unable to go for activities like these, you can go to a good amusement park for some fun rides. Awaken the kid in him and make him enjoy every single moment of his life.

Dress the way he likes

He loves you the way you are. But on the special day, do some special efforts on your looks. Pick up a dress of his favorite color. You know the way he likes you. Does he appreciate your Indian look or western look? Does he like your makeup or no makeup look? Loose hair or tied hair? Ask yourself all these questions before dressing for the day. Do all that makes him happy. You have to look your best to bring that smile on his face.

Pen down your feelings

You may share all your feelings with him directly but how about writing a letter to him? Today, with much technology advancement, we never feel the need to write down a letter to our loved one. But a love letter has a different feel to it. Get your hands on pen and paper and start penning down your feelings for him. You can write him in a monologue or take him back to the times when you first met each other or just keep it simple by just thanking him for being there.

Give him a filmy dose

We all love Bollywood. Don’t we? Add some filmy drama to your day. You can share your feelings with him using Bollywood dialogues or songs. Turn to the king of romance, Shahrukh Khan and write down some good dialogues for the expression of love. Movies like the evergreen ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’ can help you for the same. Once you get an idea of it, use it on your Valentine date. You can also plan a movie pattern date for him. This special effort will help you bring a big smile on his face.

Go down on your knees

Valentine’s day is a special day for him too. Don’t expect him to do everything. Why should only the men go down on their knees to propose you? Surprise him by going down on your knees. In a very romantic setting, amid a shower of flowers, kneel and tell him those three golden words, ‘I LOVE YOU’. Tell him what he means to you, speak out all what you wished to say to him ever. Let him know that he is special and you can do anything to make him happy.

Take him for a long drive

Men love cars before anything else. Agree? Go get your car and ask him to come for a long drive with you. Select a nearby getaway and drive through the beautiful day with him on your side. Play his favorite tracks through the journey. While the fresh breeze caresses your faces, enjoy holding hands and singing to it. Have mini stops in between and enjoy a cup of hot tea and pakoras together. Drop him back home with a sweet gift to complete the day.

Add love notes everywhere

Show him your love by adding small little love notes at places where they are most unexpected. Write small notes like ‘You are my happy place’, ‘Life is beautiful with you’, ‘My life has no meaning without you’, ‘I love you madly’. Those who are married can stick notes at places around the home. When they wake up and find these small notes around at home, you will see an instant smile on their face. Others can add notes to their car, sunglass case or bag. This will be a reminder for him that you love him like crazy.

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