10 Offbeat Date Ideas For You And Your Man

Spice things up if you are tired of the same old routine with your boyfriend. Movies and coffee dates are old school! There are so many fun things to do with your man that would actually create some amazing memories. No matter if you just started dating or been dating since two years, you need something extraordinary. Here are some of the best fun date ideas that you are yet to experience with your man. Scroll!

1. Sufi Night
Who doesn’t like soft, heart-touching songs? Fall in love with your man on this date. It is a great way to be close, and dance on the most romantic songs! There is always some peace when you are attending a sufi night.

2. Karaoke Lounge
It is okay if you sing bad, nobody is going to judge you. Let’s get in a party mood and you wouldn’t feel less than Selena Gomez on the stage. It takes time to loosen up but eventually, you will get there without hesitation. It is going to be amazing!

3. Food Fest
Fest have variety and spending a day seems less for it. You can find a good food fest around you and take him out on a date. Men love food and you will get a great hangout place with a lot of stunning decorations and good vibes.

4. Museums & Art Galleries
No, it is not boring. Once you will go to a museum, you will find so many unique things about the world that you did not know about. Discussing current affairs, and science can lead to an ideal couple.

5. Kart Racing
This can never go out of trend! Go for a 10 minutes kart racing, and challenge each other. It is a real fun experience.

6. Bowling
Want a perfect date? Bowling and beer is a great combination. You can simply spend time with each other, have food and play at the same time.

7. Gaming Arcade
Who doesn’t love Mario Kart and Pinball? Come on! Let us bring back the child in us and collect tokens to get a cute teddy bear!

8. Candle Light Dinner
If you want a romantic date, go for a candle light dinner followed with light music and wine on the table.

9. Picnic
No matter how cold it is, sun is our favorite. It is like therapy. But at the same time, you two can share a meal, play some sports and sip tea in a garden.

10. Roof top Dinner
The trend is proving to be the best. Many lounges are setting up on roofs and we could feel the cold breeze hitting us. It is relaxing and pleasing!


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