10 Questions That’ll Help Your Your Partner To Speak Up About Their Past

Communication is the key to the door of a healthy relationship. However, it is not always easy to open up to your partner. If you want to know your partner better and take your relationship forward, it is important let out the past.

A healthy communication is the one where two partners can freely talk about their emotions, no matter if the results are negative or positive. Transparency is very crucial if you see yourself with him in future. Struggling to open up in a relationship is common but once you know that he is the one, you wouldn’t hesitate to tell him the minor details about your past. And same goes for him.

But how to get your partner to let his past out? Ask these questions to create amazing conversations and a comfortable ambience.

1. What would you do if…?
Give him certain situations that will make him come up with appropriate solutions. This will define what kind of a person he is and is he patient or restless during hard times. It is a great way to know details about your man.

2. Are you close to your family?
Family plays an important role in everyone’s life. Getting to know him and his family would benefit your relationship. You will get to know about an important part of his life.

3. How was your childhood like?
Childhood is something that defines a person upbringing. You will know about the funny things he used to do as a child and the stupidest things that he had done.

4. What makes you who you are today?
This is a real life question that will actually make him open up. He would tell what all has influenced him, the struggled he had and how he got here today.

5. What makes you feel loved?
You should know what makes your man happy. Find out his likes and dislikes for better functioning of the relationship.

6. Do you have any dreams?
If he has some aspirations, you should know about it. You should know is going on in his mind and what plans does he have to fulfill them. This will help you to support him in every way possible.

7. What is that one thing that you love to do?
It’s a basic question but holds an important meaning. Do you really like this guy? Well, find out what is the one thing that he loves to do the most.

8. Tell me something that I don’t know about you.
A little hesitation but here comes something you didn’t know. Let your man feel comfortable. It is one of the step that will help you two get closer.

9. How have you imagined your dream girl would be like?
You will know what traits does he want in his girls and this would help you to find ways to impress him or make him love you as who you are.

10. Tell me a funny story that you have experienced.
Adding a little fun to the conversation is great. It creates a comfortable aura around and will help your guy to be a little more friendlier.


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