10 signs that you are a bad friend

By admin

August 09, 2017

Making friendship with a dozen people is easy but maintaining true relations with all of them is very difficult. This is why intelligent people have fewer friends.


Some people don’t value their friendships. They take it for granted and treat their friends in an inappropriate manner. And what’s worse is that they don’t accept the fact that they are wrong and need to change in order to stop ruining their relations with their friends.


If you too don’t respect your friends and treat them in an unacceptable manner, there are chances that you are a bad friend. Here’s a list of 10 signs that tells that you are a bad friend. See for yourself and make the desired changes to save your relationship with your best friend today:



There are times when you can see that your phone is ringing but you just won’t pick it up to take revenge from your friend for not receiving your calls on time when you called them up. This is one of the common traits of a bad friend. There could be a genuine reason why they didn’t pick your call in the first place so it’s better to not pre-assume things on your own and act wisely. Also you never know if they wanted to discuss something important or urgent to you.



An honest enemy is better than a backbiting friend. If you have a habit of gossiping about one of your own friends with some of your other friends, that’s something terribly bad to do. It’s difficult to digest that one moment you pretend to be too nice and say that you care about your friend and the other moment you tear them down by talking bad about them behind their back when you get the chance. A person who talks good about his or her friend infront of them and talks bad about them behind their back can never be a good friend.




You constantly make them realise about all the things that went wrong because of them. There are times when they aren’t even wrong but you have a habit of accusing and criticizing them for almost everything. Also, you discourage them for trying new things and opting new hobbies. No matter how good your friend might be looking in that blingy dress on a Saturday night party, you’ll still manage to find a flaw. Some people can never find good in others.



Telling your friend’s secret to your boyfriend doesn’t seem to be a good idea. It’s a shameful thing to spill your friends’ secrets. When a friend shares his or her deepest secrets with you, he or she believes that you’ll keep it safe and not discuss it with others. You should never break your friend’s trust. It might not seem like a big deal for you, but it surely is for your friend. Put yourself into his or her shoes and then you’ll know. You’ll feel equally bad if someone does that to you.



Another common trait that tells that you are a bad friend is that you are jealous of your friends and their achievements. You try to diminish their achievements every other time by laying more emphasis on something bigger and better that you have done in comparison to them. And if not that, you’ll act differently to their achievements than feeling happy about it and congratulating them. This insecure and jealous nature of yours can completely ruin your relationship with your friend.



It’s not fair to cancel plans with your friends at the last minute unless you have a legitimate reason for the same. It’s totally acceptable if some urgency arises but if you’ll do this repetitively to your friend without any genuine reasons, it will not only annoy him or her but also show your inconsiderate behaviour towards them. No matter how busy your friend could have been, he or she still managed to take out time of his or her calendar just to meet you. You should respect that and not act in an immature manner.



The world is utterly full of lies. But the most painful of all the lies is the one that is told by a close friend. Friendship is based on trust and faith. If you lie to your friends and they get to know about it, they will not only feel betrayed but will also start maintaining a distance from you. And then it becomes very difficult to regain that trust. It is better to tell the truth no matter how bitter it is than comforting your friend with a lie. Honesty is the best policy to keep a friendship stronger than ever.



Hitting on your best friend’s ex is a bad thing. You won’t realise it but it is disrespectful to do this to your own friend. There is a reason why your friend left him or her. Flirting with a guy or a girl with whom your friend just broke up can totally ruin your relationship with your friend. No matter what was the reason behind their breakup, it’s definite that your friend won’t like it if you get closer to his or her ex. This would result into trust issues between the two of you.



You are least bothered about what they have to say. At times, you act as if you are listening to what they are saying but in real you’re thinking of something else. Also, you often cut them off while they are talking and start talking about something irrelevant instead of listening to what they were saying. A real friend is the one who always listens to his or her friends’ problems patiently and gives them some good piece of advice.



Your friend is always there to help you out when you are in one of those cranky moods but when they need you in one such state you call it drama. If you only remember them in times when you are needy, you’re not a good friend. You should feel thankful to them for always being around you when you needed them. And it is sad that when they need your help, you are nowhere to be seen.