Apart from love and trust, affinity and connection plays a vital role in every relationship. A pair who has a connection have numerous possibilities to stay together till the end. You may be emotional or a strong-hearted person but every girl deserves to be aware of where her relationship is going with the guy. It doesn’t have to be a bundle of doubts, but just an assure for your peace of mind. Stop wondering if he is serious or not, look for the best possible signs that shows he is ready to commit. These signs are listed below:

1. Lets you participate with his group of friends
Friends are an important part of life. If he insists you to be around when he is hanging out with his friends, it means he is proud to have you in his life as a girlfriend and he isn’t afraid to show that to others. No matter if you fit in his group of friends or not, he just wants you to be there.
2. Shares everything that has been on his mind
If he screams his heart out in front of you and never keep things bottled up, it is because he considers you as his better half.
3. Be there for you during rough times
If your boyfriend knows the meaning of commitment, he will be there to hold your hand when things get hard. Every relationship has tough days but all you need to do is sail through the storm and fight so hard for each other so you could always be together.

4. Hates to see you cry
He may drive you insane over minor and silly fights, but what matters is that the last thing he wants to do is make you cry. He knows what breaks him, and if your tears are one of those things, you’re special!
5. You’re his happy place
If you’re his little spot of heaven, he will stay. If you make him laugh, he wouldn’t want more. Don’t let that bubble of happiness burst. Let him enjoy your company, let him feel comfortable, it will only get you guys closer.
6. Keeps your happiness first
A loyal and a faithful boyfriend won’t just keep in mind to avoid mistakes and to never let you down but also he would love to make sure that you are happy in the first place. If your boyfriend has this trait, he is surely the one!

7. Pampers you
Pampering can make you feel like a princess. If he manages to put a winning smile on your face, he would keep doing it.
8. Holds your hand in public
He knows that this is all he need when he holds your hand. He does not hesitate to show his love in front of people.
9. Loves to cuddle
If he finds way of showing love or affection, and if he embraces you a lot during the day, he knows he like you! He would love to spend his time cuddling with you rather than watching a game with his friends.
10. He makes you meet his parents
Making you meet his family members is a big step. If he does that, he surely sees himself standing by your side years from now.

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