There is nothing wrong with having high standards and knowing what you want. It is good to have a sense of class and elegance to you. You might just be asking what for you think you deserve, but how much is too much?

If you think that you are just asking for basic requirements, then read along to know how high-maintenance you are.

  • You are all about the looks

For you, looking good is more important than experiencing the moment. You would not go out in the rain to play, no matter how much your boyfriend insists, because it will ruin your heels or you will not go swimming because you don’t want to ruin your ‘no makeup’ makeup look.


  • He should reply to your messages ASAP

If you have taken the time to message him then he is supposed to reply within the next five seconds. You expect him to be available as soon as you want him. No excuses.


  • You decide the dates

You plan when and where to go because you have your schedule and changing your plans for him is not an idea. Also, you have your opinions on the place where you want to eat because you just can’t go somewhere tacky, right?


  • You need him as a chauffeur

You will never even dream of using the public transportation and since he’s your boyfriend it is his duty to pick and drop you after your dates. In fact, you will never hesitate to call him even if you are with your friends and is pretty far from where you are.


  • You have many unresolved complaints

You have many problems and will not leave a single opportunity to address every single one of them. You have certain requirements and they need to be met. Most of your conversation openers begin with a list of complaints that need to be taken care of.


  • You don’t pay for your dates

A girl paying for the date is something that you don’t consider classy even if you are earning. Him being the boyfriend means that he needs to look after what you want and this means that he needs pay for those wants as well.


  • You decide his boys night out

You are the one who decide when can he go out with his friends because you consider them a bad influence on him. They can mislead him and might teach him wrong things.


  • He has to bring something for your family

Each time he visits your house or family, you expect him to bring a gift for your family because that’s what thoughtful boyfriends do. If he fails to do so, you tell him how rude and inconsiderate he was being.


  • He has to be the first one to say ‘I love you’

He should always be the one to initiate the ‘I love you’ exchange and you also expect him to do it as often as possible. You want him to keep reminding you about how much he loves you and cares about you.


  • He should remember all the milestones in your relationship

You expect him to remember your birthday and anniversary and not only that, but should also celebrate it properly by organising a proper date in your favourite restaurant and an expensive gift.

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