Gone are the days when the petals of a rose used to decide if he loves you or not.
It’s kinda hard to guess if he is genuinely in love with you or he just loves to be with you. Men aren’t less complicated than women, probably because of the reason that they are not as expressive as women are. They wish to keep things to themselves than opening up and expressing them.
It’s not always what he says but what he does that makes sure that he is completely into you. Actions speak louder than words. So here are 10 signs to make sure your man is in love with you.

1. He introduces you to his friends
This immensely is a huge deal if a guy introduces you to his friends. He doesn’t do this for any other girl. If he makes it a point to introduce you to his friends personally it implies that he is truly proud to have you and wants his friends to see the girl that has his heart.

2. He treats you like priority
He treats you as an important person of his life. He makes an effort to talk to you even when he is busy. He considers you to be important and cares about you. He chooses to make time for you to make you happy.

3. He makes plans for meeting you
Girls trust me if he is the one who himself asks you to go out on a lunch date or any meetings you should feel pleased of his gesture. Guys who are not much into you just plan a date at home where they can have their private moments. But if he significantly plans dates, he loves to spend time with you and proudly shows you to the world.

4. He does little things to please you
No guy wastes his time in pleasing you with small things if they don’t have feelings for you. Small things such as surprising you with your favorite chocolate, driving you to your home, taking you place that you love, calling you to know if you have reached safely, all these gestures are just small things that he does just to see a smile on your face.

5. He pleases you in bed
Intimacy is too an important parameter in a relationship. If he makes an attempt to ask for your needs in order to please you in bed than just caring about his own pleasures, he is concerned about giving you the best. Also, men who respect a women’s NO when it comes to being intimate are truly the ones who are selflessly in love with you.

6. He tries to improve your bad habits
If a man makes an effort to help you get rid of your bad habits, he is the one who wants the best for you. He makes an attempt to help you become better.

7. You are a part of his life
You actually are well versed of whats happening in his life. You know everything he does and he too knows everything you do. He shares with you all the important things that you should be knowing. You spend time on phone calls. This implies that you are in each other’s lives. You are a part of each other.

8. He introduces you to his family
Guys don’t easily introduce their female friends to their family. If he introduces you to his family, he seriously has a thing for you and wants his family to know you. If you meet his family, you are someone special to him. He wants to make a good bond between you and his family.

9. He comes to you for advice
Guys usually feel hesitant when it comes out to asking advice from girls. They feel like figuring the thing by themselves or going to their guy friends. If your man comes to you to ask for a piece of advice, he is really comfortable in getting suggestions and knowing your opinions.

10.He cares about your likes and dislikes
Okay, this one is the last and an important one. It’s actually sweet when guys pay attention to your likes and dislikes. They don’t do it for everyone not for friends even. Remembering your choices is actually a thing every girl wants by his man. Feel lucky if he does this for you.

You don’t have to carry on with the guessing thing now. If your guys do the majority of these things, he is so into you and actually wants you to stay with him. If he gets a tick in all, he won’t ever think of leaving you.

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