At times, you can’t easily judge if you feel like you are being paranoid or going through a phase that will be over in a few days. We have all been there! We have all been puzzled about whether he is worth it or is it a waste of efforts. You need to look for answers and look forward to amends if situation demands for it. You cannot always sit idle, and let things flow on its own. Forgiving and forgetting should be followed in a relationship but to a certain extend.

Are you feeling perplexed about your man right now? Find it out by going through the alarming signs!

1. He alienates you
If you feel neglected, or avoided, then you know where your relationship is going. If a partner keeps you away from his family or group of friends, then maybe you need to consider it as a hint.

2. He verbally abuses you
There are guys who are arrogant and aggressive followed by possessiveness for their girlfriend. If he uses bitter and harsh words, it means that he fails to respect you. Respect is very important in a relationship. A woman would like to feel respected more than to feel loved. If he doesn’t do anything about it any sooner, then he is not worth it! Everyone needs to have patience and control over their emotions.

3. He has a hard time accepting his faults
If someone finds it tough to apologize or fail to look deep into his own mistakes, then he doesn’t care! In every relationship, pride and ego are killers. They can vanish away the spark and love in seconds. If he is feeling suffocated and irritated while you are pointing out his mistakes, then there is some serious trouble with that man!

4. He doesn’t understand you
If you are feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable or happy, it is very important for your partner to pay attention to it and understand it. If you are feeling bothered about something going on in your relationship, your boyfriend should listen to it and try to solve it with hard efforts. If you express your heart to your boyfriend and he calls it a ‘’word-game’’, it is time to walk away!


5. He needs control
A man should never feel superior in front of his woman. It showers bad vibe and helps you lose interest and grace in your relationship. If he acts like Mr. Know It All, avoids your opinions, or considers you as worthless, you need to show him where you stand. Be brave enough to fight for your self-worth!

Do not avoid the signs, sometimes, it is better to end it all before it is too late. You don’t want to be a victim, do you?

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