Its everyone’s dream to spend his/her whole life with a person whom they love. Lovers who truly love each other are really serious for each other that they want to grow old together. But how will you come to know that is your partner really interested to marry you.

Here are some signs that your partner will show if he/she really wants to marry you. From these signs you can judge your partner’s thoughts regarding marriage.

1 If your partner don’t fear from the word marriage and believes in getting married than you can judge from it that may be he/she is interested to marry you ,because usually people just walk from the places where there marriage talks are going on but if your partner don’t walk away from there and openly talks about that he also wants to get married than its a clear a sign that he is interested to spend his life with you.

2 If your partner always involves you with his family, take you to his/her home to introduce you to his/her relatives and you are a part of their family than he is really interested in you. If his/her family always invites you on small gathering and you also feel comfortable with them and take your conversation so long than it means that your partner’s family also like you and wanted you to be an official part of their family soon.

3 Your partner always refers you both as “We” instead of “You & Me” because he/she considers you as one soul not separate. This is a very strong sign shown by your partner that he/she wants to marry you.

4 Another strong sign that your partner will show you is that he/she will talk about your future togther. Usually they will make future plans in which you will always be involved. They will talk you about the family planning,how many kids you’ll have, you’ll plan the name of your kids. Its a clear sign that your partner wants you to be the mother/father of your children which means that they wants to marry you.

5 If your man/girl is punctual and always be on time to meet you or pick you than this is also a good sign for your relation. He/she is on time because they cares for you,loves you and don’t want you to wait for them for hours.

6 Your partner has asked you about the size of your finger so that he can propose you for marriage with a ring. This is also a sign that your partner wants to take your relation to the next level.

7 The term jealousy will almost become invisible because in the starting of the relationship we all feel jealous which causes stress but as time passes you both starts trusting each other more. And you start believing on each other that none of you will cheat on each other. If this is the stage than you can take your relationship to next level of your love.

8 He/she will introduce you to there group of friends with whom they have spended there most beautiful moments and now they also want you to be the part of your group too. This is the strong sign that they want you too be the special part of your life now.

9 Right now your partner is not official husband or wife but they always act like it. they care for your as your official partners because they want to marry you.

10 Apart from inviting you to family and friends party, if he/she also invites you in his/her office party than this is also a great sign in your relationship and now you can take it to the next level.

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