Knowing whether a guy is serious about you is a big question mark especially when you care about him. Most guys are generally very closed about how they feel so talking about their feelings is out of question. They will resort to giving very open-ended answers or cross question- ‘What do you think?’

There could be signs that you notice which hint at him having a caring side towards you but how can one be sure whether he’s generally caring or is just faking it to get some action? There are many guys out there who use this as a means to get inside a girl’s pants and this only makes it tougher to make a distinction.

Reading signs and analyzing body language keeps getting tougher with time. So here are a few ways to find out whether he genuinely cares or not.

He actually listens to you

Guys are usually very careless when it comes to listening. They would nod their heads and give vague answers only to show that are not interested at all. So if a guy is actually interested in listening to you rant about your colleague or lets you express your feelings, you can be sure that he’s doing it only because he cares.


He will offer his advice to you

If he is advising you on your problems or is giving his opinion on the way that dress looks on you, you know he cares enough to give his feedback on the things that are related to you.


He introduces you to all the people that matter to him

Friends and family, you’ve met them all. He doesn’t shy away from introducing you to anyone. He’s not just going to stop there but would also make sure that they like you.


Small things matter to him

Knowing how you take your coffee or your favourite movie is something that he is on top of. Instead of cribbing about your OCDs like putting the toilet seat down, he would just follow through. He will not protest about any of those, instead just respect them.


He wants to know about your problems and solve them

He will not settle for anything else other than knowing what is bothering you. He will listen to your problem and then do everything he can to help you figure out a solution.


He gets upset when you make stupid decisions

There are times when we’ve all made those dumb decisions. But if this guy gets upset with you for it, it’s obvious that he really cares about you. No wonder he wants you to be smart about things so that no one out-smarts you.


It’s about being equal in the bedroom

He is not about solely getting things done and taking, instead believes in giving back too. He wants to know what turns you on and tries to give you what you fantasize about.


He makes up after your fights

If he takes the initiative of calling or messaging you first, he sure is into you because if he wasn’t, he would just not give a damn about it and let you do all the efforts.


He’s straight up honest

Whether the truth hurts you or not, he wants you to know it. He is not going to shy away from it only because he cares enough to feel guilty.


 He wants your advice on matters

This can be your opinion on the way he dresses or which phone should he buy. He wants to you to make decisions to involve you in his life

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