Nowadays there are very few relationships which can be called strong and healthy. Although different people have a different definition of being in strong and healthy relationships. Strong relationships are not built overnight, it takes a lot of time in knowing the other person and building trust. Here are 10 sings which denote that you are in a strong and healthy relationship.
• Trust: One of the most important thing in a relationship is trust on each other, nothing can work well without trust. The couple is required to have faith on each other for having a strong relationship.


• Communication: For proper understanding, communication is important in a relationship. You need to talk to each other and discuss almost everything. You should always complement each other and keep showing your love for each other in some or the other way.
• Spending quality time: It is important to spend some quality time with your partner in which you both talk about each other’s day. This is the sign of a strong and healthy relationship as you and your partner are willing to spend quality time together and know each other better.
• Respect: In a relationship, respect differs from person to person. People give respect to their partners by respecting their opinion and loving them in the way they are, without changing them. Loving each other’s flaws is one of the best way of respecting each other.
• Giving space: Along with spending time with each other, it is equally important to maintain healthy boundaries. After all, you have to be independent and take out time for your personal space. Giving space to each other doesn’t make you both dependent on each other for small things.
• Appreciation: Bring flowers or cards for each other and show acts of kindness towards your partner by taking out time to appreciate what is good about his or her. Appreciating each other for good and bringing small gifts is a sign of a strong relationship.
• No comparisons: In a relationship you should never compare each other according to your capabilities or achievements. In a healthy relationship your achievements can never be compared, it is the love that should matter to you both and not the materialistic things.
• Healthy arguments: Your arguments should not be too much, obviously arguments are also necessary in a relationship but not too many. Arguments should be discussed and sorted, without physically abusing each other.
• Respecting your partner’s relations: When you respect your partner it is equally important to respect the other bonds which your partner share, such as his or her family and friends.
• Nobody is perfect: Don’t look for your partner to be perfect, nobody in this world is perfect and you should respect that imperfection of your partner as a sign of healthy and strong relationship.

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