There are only few girls who experience to have a boyfriend that never fails to shower them with extra care and manages to give them all of their attention. Such men would make great partners if only they are not one of those insecure types.


A little insecurity does no harm but when it starts getting onto your nerves, that’s when things fall out of place. It can make it difficult for your relation to last for too long.

No matter how great it feels in the beginning of a relationship with an insecure man, things gradually get worse with time. And not just that, you’ll have to keep a list of do’s and don’ts while you are in it and live your life according to him. Before if it gets too late, here are few traits that tell that your guy is too insecure about you, and it’s the right time to break ties with him:

He is jealous of your friends

He has got a problem with every second person you talk to, other than him. Be it your friends or your colleagues at office, he just can’t stand people getting close to you. He is so possessive that he just doesn’t wish to share you with anyone else. Also, if you frequently talk to a male friend of yours, he’ll make an issue out of it.


  • He has a never ending list of questions about your whereabouts

He’s like your second mother who never gets tired of asking questions. He wants to know every single detail of your whereabouts. He will pester you by cross questioning to assure that you are not lying to him. He constantly keeps his mind busy in thoughts like “Who you might be meeting all day long?” or “Why it took you so long to reach home?”

He never fails to check your phone

As soon as he meets you, the first thing he does is check your phone. He keeps a regular track of who messaged you and what was it all about. And if incase you refuse to give him your phone someday, he starts thinking that you are being unfaithful to him and hitting around with other guys. Also, there are times he won’t seek your permission before checking your phone when you are not around.

You don’t have any personal space

He believes that all your time is his. You just don’t get to spend time with yourself. He wants to meet you every third day even when you just don’t have anything new to talk about. He doesn’t understand that there are times when you might need some personal space. At times he does that to assure that you don’t leave him or forget that he exists.

It’s hard for him to handle criticism

Try to say a word against him and he’ll go all emotional right from there. He takes it way too personally when you criticize him for some or the other reason. He has got a low self esteem issue so every time you tell them about their mistakes or a flaw that they need to improve upon, he starts feeling that he’s not the right one for you.

He needs constant reassurance

No matter how many times you assure him that you love him, he will still ask you the same question. He just doesn’t believe that you love him with all your heart and that you are not faking it.

He is always asking questions like “Do you love me?”, “Why do you love me?” and “Will you stay with me for the rest of our lives?”

He doesn’t believe that you are over your ex

He always compares himself with your ex boyfriend. And it’s not you who makes him do that. He just can’t accept the fact that you are over a person whom you dated way before you fell in love with him. He overthinks that you might just leave him one day and reunite with your ex boyfriend, just because you didn’t delete his number from your phone.

He doesn’t get tired of threatening to leave you

Every relationship has to go through a lot of ups and downs. And he feels that threatening you by saying that he wants to breakup with you shall work every time.  He just pretends that he wants to leave you but in real all he wants is you to make him stay. Insecure guys are vulnerable to such mind games due to their low self esteem.

He makes you feel guilty

If you are talking on phone with your close friend just after you got free from office and he finds your phone busy, he will blame you for not having enough courtesy to call him instead since he was waiting. He just cannot stand you doing something without him and makes you feel guilty about the same.

He tries to control what you wear

He so possessive about you that he would even restrict you from wearing short clothes or see through clothes as he doesn’t want your appearance to appeal someone else in public. He wants you to dress in a manner that doesn’t give any hints of you being available to date. Even if you’re wearing a short dress it’s just because you like to and not because you want to seem available. But, being an insecure guy he would ask you to wear it when you are with him and not otherwise.

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