A guy, who genuinely loves you and sees a future with you, would never mind giving you all his love and care.  If he says that he loves you, he really means it. There are times when things might seem complicated between the two of you. He might not act his usual self, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. No relationship is perfect. And it is good to wait for things to settle than over think.

Here is a list of 10 signs that tells that your guy is serious for you:

* He can’t go a day without talking to you

His day starts at you and ends at you. From early morning texts to late night calls, he just can’t have enough of you. Even in days when he is super busy and out for work, he manages to take out time to talk to you. Also, he gets worried when he doesn’t get to hear from you all day long, due to some reason. But he does understand that you too need your alone time at times and respects your personal space.

*He tells you his darkest secrets

When a guy loves you and is serious for you, he would not mind telling you his darkest of secrets. No matter how personal they might be to him, he just doesn’t mind to open up in front of you. He trusts you enough to tell everything about his past, friends and family. He feels comfortable with you and believes that you won’t judge him for his past and every other thing that he tells you about.

* He takes you to his favorite places

If you’re not special enough for him, he won’t take extra efforts to make you indulge in his life. But if you really mean the world to him, he will take you out to his favorite alone-time places where he no more wishes to spend time alone and rather live it with you. He could have gone to such places with one of his close friends, but he chose you. Why else would he do this if he wasn’t serious for you?

* He takes good care of you when you are sick

In those days when you are at bad health, He is a lot more caring than what you even think of. He constantly babysits you and brings you soup or supper. He tries to comfort you by doing all the dishes on his own and making you rest. He would go an extra mile to get those medicines for you, just to make sure that you don’t have to suffer for too long. He won’t even mind cuddling on the couch with you in your sickness if that comforts you.

*He is always ready to help

You don’t even have to doubt this. He is always at help, no matter at what odd time you need him. He is always up for you and would never make excuses. He doesn’t do it to impress you, he does it only because he loves to help you. There may be times when he is stuck in some situation when he might not be able to help you and he feels guilty about it. He just doesn’t wish to lose a chance to be the key to any of your problems where you need his help.

*He knows about your likes and dislikes

When you are serious for someone, you tend to keep a track of his or her likes and dislikes. If he too is serious, he would know your inside-out. He would know that your favorite colour is blue and how much you hate getting into fights. He doesn’t need to be constantly reminded about all these important details. He knows it already. Also, there are times you didn’t he even tell him about it and he still knows it because he has been a keen observer of things that interests and disappoint you easily.

* He doesn’t hesitate in introducing you to friends and family

A true gentleman is the one who does not hide your identity from his friends or family. He is proud to tell everyone that you are his girl. He includes you in his family gatherings and gives you importance like no one else. His parents are like your parents. They just don’t make you feel any less. He doesn’t mind asking you to hang out with him and his friends. And in return even they won’t complain about it, because they know how serious he is about you.

* He goes out of the way to make you feel special

He is the one who never gets tired of bombarding you with dozens of surprises. And he doesn’t even need an occasion to do so. From birthday surprises to random long drives, he does it all. Also, He does it because he loves it when you are happy and the reason behind that happiness is none other than him. So, if your guy takes extra efforts just to see that smile on your face, never let him go.

* He prioritizes you over everyone else

Every girl wants his guy to prioritize her over everyone else.  So, having a guy, who spends a ton of time with you than putting his hobbies, family and friends before you, is a blessing. He is just the right one for you if he cancels plans with others to spend more time with you. But being a good partner you can always give him enough space to breathe. This would not just allow him to have some good alone time but also keep your relationship less complicated.

* He doesn’t try on other girls.

He is never seeing on other girls. All he wants to see is you and no one else. Like other boys he can’t hit around with multiple girls at the same time. He wants to give all his time and efforts to one girl and that is you. He won’t waste his energies to please someone else. Even if a hot girl passes by, it doesn’t really affect him. For him, you’re the only beautiful girl alive that makes him happy.

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