There are times when you feel like you need some space from your boyfriend and then there are times when you feel like you cannot stand his presence. Needing some ‘me’ time in a relationship is okay but it’s a red flag if you cannot be in the same room as that person.

If you feel like you can relate to the following, then you might just be over with your boyfriend and must take some serious measures before things get into a bad shape.

  • You don’t want to spend time with him

You start spending more and more time with your friends and family instead of going out with your boyfriend. You always have an excuse to cancel on a dinner date and suddenly work seems to be more important to you. You prioritise everything else before him and spending time with him.


  • You don’t feel the spark

If you feel like you no longer have butterflies in your stomach when you meet him or see him, you are technically over him. As a relationship starts to mature, the spark usually fades but you still have the passion and you feel happy with his presence near you. So if this is not the case with you, maybe it’s time to have ‘the talk’ with him.


  • He is no longer funny

Remember the time when you would laugh at even the silliest jokes he would crack? Yes, and now you just feel irritated every time he would try to make you laugh which means you no longer feel attracted to him. When you are attracted to someone, you find that person interesting and enjoy his sense of humour. So getting over his humour means getting over him.


  • He constantly gets on your nerves

When you are over someone, you no longer want to interact with them as it just annoys you. So if he is consistently getting on your nerves for the smallest things he is doing, you are totally over him.


  • You don’t find him cute anymore

The things that you thought were cute and adorable at the start of your relationship have now become your trigger to irritation. You might have adored the way he would laugh but now it’s just noise to your ears.


  • You don’t like his personality

What other sign do you need to know that you’re over him when you don’t like his personality anymore? If you repel his personality you have literally moved on from him.


  • You avoid communicating with him

Romantic talks a thing of the past for you now but you don’t want to even talk to him about general things like current events. You try to ignore his calls and messages with the lamest excuses.


  • You can’t stand his smell

You no longer enjoy his fragrance, natural or perfume. You find it repulsive. If this is the case, you need to reconsider him because no being able to stand his smell means you don’t feel the attraction anymore.


  • Making out with his is work

First, you avoid making out with him as much as possible and when you have no other option, you feel it exhausting. You feel it like a task to actually kiss him.


  • You don’t miss him

There was a time when you just couldn’t get enough of him. You wanted to be with all the time. You missed him the second he left but now you find it relaxing to spend time away from him. You no longer care where is he or when is he coming back.

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