10 Signs Your Partner Might Be Losing Interest In You

Being dumped is not fun at all, but you have to respect the people who have the guts to tell you when it`s over.

After dating several men who lead you on with false hope, you’ll learn to be more careful. Don’t let them treat you like that. These 10 warning signs will tell you when your partner has lost romantic interest when it’s time to hit the road and find someone else, who`ll be more honest about the feelings.

1. Too busy for you: You’ll make time for something that matters to you; even if you work 10 hours a day, you’ll find time for your favorite TV show. If your partner is constantly busy for you, he/she has no time for communicating, it means that you are very low on his/her priority list.

2. No plans: It does not have to mean plans for your wedding or your children’s names, but at least an attempt at moving things forward, even if it means a weekend getaway. If he’s making plans for the both of you, he definitely loves you.

3. Acting indifferent: Indifference is maybe the biggest signal that your relationship is dead. People who love each other show interest about the other person, they even argue about things. If you are the only one who cares about things, ask your partner what’s wrong.

4. They don’t try to impress you anymore: It does not mean that your partner has to impress you all the time, in time you get comfortable with each other. But if he wears the same clothes wherever you go, if he wears a smelly shit for the dinner at your parent’s house, it means he stopped caring about your opinion.

5. They stop supporting you: You enter the house, and no greeting, no one is asking how your day was, where you were, what you did… If the partner is more interested about his favorite football team than you, it means that things have gone downhill.

6. No interest in intimacy: Some of the reasons for this problem can be medications, illnesses, even psychological problems, but if your partner is healthy and he feels no desire to be intimate with you, it’s all clear.

7. Cheating: If he shows no interest in intimacy with you, and he has a healthy sex drive, probably they’ll cheat you at some point in time, maybe not physically, but emotionally- definitely. If they can’t get what they want from you, they’ll look for it somewhere else.

8. Everything is about them: Your needs and wishes don’t matter anymore, it’s all about what they want, where they want to go, who they want to hang out with. Maybe they lost the interest or maybe they are the type of people who just like the status of being in a relationship, when they actually can’t care for anyone but themselves.

9. It’s all your fault: When you love someone, you don’t mind taking responsibility, even for something that it’s not your fault. But when you are not interested in someone, you’ll blame the other person for everything, even when you know it’s definitely not their fault. This way you feel less guilty for losing the interest.

10. Distancing themselves from the world: At the beginning , they used to love you favorite band, but suddenly they’re not that into them anymore. Or the places you used to go out and love, suddenly became boring. This is a clear sign that your partner has lost interest, but they’re also putting some distance between themselves and the links with you.

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