It is a popular notion that girlfriends are complicated creatures. They have mood swings where they can get too happy, too emotional, too clingy and sometimes too aggressive. And the last one os definitely the most dreaded face of your girlfriend. When she is angry, she can transform into a completely different person which can even lead to big fight in a relationship. The boyfriends have always been searching for ways to calm down their girlfriend’s temperament.

Here’s a list of some of the angry girlfriend texts that you should read to take reference on how to handle her during her angry goddess phase.

Disclaimer: Don’t follow the mistakes that these guys made.

The worst one of all Angry Girlfriend Texts.

Dare not call another girl hotter than your girlfriend. You have no idea how pissed off she geta hearing this and could call you anything in return.

Do not leave her when she is mad. Goodnight will never end the conversation. Period.

Well, this one does not have any solution. Do not cheat. Simple.

Remember, you can never ask your girlfriend to friends with you after breakup. The reply could be deadly.

If she is angry, do not get angry either. This will mess everything. Calm her down instead of kicking her temper.

If you made her pregnant. Be there. Do not be a sugar daddy.

When she is pissed, do not talk about other couples. She will rage for even looking at them.

If you think she is mad, do not dare to ask her directly. You will hate yourself because of her replies. Be the Sherlock. Get the clues and make the effort.

If you are feeling dirty and she is not, it is going to be a bad road to take. Especially if your girl knows how to get sarcastic.


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