All hail to India’s obsession with fairness, women here are still considered inferior than others for their skin colour. For their dark skin colour, to be precise enough! Dusky girls are taunted and shamed for a physical factor (skin colour) that comes naturally along with the birth and can’t be altered. It is equivalent to shaming a boy for why he is a boy. Did the boy have any personal choice or any sort of control over it? No! Then, why humiliate a woman for being dark skin toned?


But things are changing, for good. Even though the anarchic idea of “fair is beautiful, dark is not” has been well-established in our minds but the modern women know how to deal with such stupid people who taunt and criticize their dark skin colour. They simply do not give any damn to their pointless blabbering.

Well, here are these 8 things almost every dusky girl in India (especially North India) is tired of listening to but doesn’t give a damn!

  1. Apply some milk, it will make your skin fairer: Moisturising properties of milk are well-known but, only because its colour is white, does it suggest it will make me fairer? Lol!
  2. Who will marry you? – But wait, it is none of your business!
  3. Don’t stay outside during day, sun rays will make you even more tanned: Again, how does it concern you by any way?
  4. Don’t drink tea, it will make your skin even more dark: White colour of milk can make me look fair, brown colour of tea makes my skin darker! I think, I should start eating chalk as well? Fair enough?
  5. Do you use Fair & Lovely? : But everything lovely is not always fair and everything fair is not lovely! :/
  6. Your features are attractive but only if you were not dusky: Thanks. But no thanks! J
  7. Make-up doesn’t suit your skin: And freedom of expression doesn’t suit you! -_-
  8. Why are you wearing white or such a pastel shade?: I still look fine AF!

The list is endless! It does get funny at times, but this is so unfortunate that most of us still have such unjust standards of beauty. On this very special occasion, International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to celebrate women and their enigmatic presence in our lives. Every woman is beautiful and her beauty is not limited to our predefined standards of beauty.

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