10 Things You Need to do before you meet prince charming

By sumanbajpai

February 03, 2018

So, at last, you met with your prince charming and you are excited about your first date. You don’t want that anything goes wrong and looking forward for a perfect date. You want to impress him with your charm, with your personality, and with your intelligence. You are also eager to know about him. While dating it is important to keep some points in mind to make your date memorable and pleasurable.

To make sure that your first date is perfect and ensuring the fact that there will be many successful dates to follow you need some top dating tips. As you dream away about the second, third or even the fourth date, remember, that the first date is what remains the most important of all. If you leave your date longing for more time with you, consider your efforts to be a success.


Be punctual: Always reach on time at the meeting spot. It shows that you are sincere in your efforts. Just as you are, your date might be feeling nervous as well, and making them wait it out for you is not good. It can irritate your partner who might be waiting for you for a long time. On the other hand, if it is the other party who is late, don’t jump to conclusions immediately. Try to be pleasant and listen to their excuses.

Don’t go with a stranger: Always go with the person you are familiar with and if in case you are not familiar, make sure to tell about where about to somebody you can rely on and just be prepared or carry something helpful if something uncertain happens and avoid ‘blind dates’.


Be honest: Being true to you is the best way to make a great first impression on a date. So relax, enjoy the company, and don’t try to hide anything from your partner. If you want to make your date really special just be open-hearted and very honest to your partner and talk about your past, what you expect for your partner so that you get to know each other in a better way. It is always better to make him/her aware of your bad habits in the first meeting itself. Be confident: Nervousness is unavoidable. It happens to everyone. But make sure that it does not absolutely ruin your special day. Try to remain relaxed and be very casual, because if you are going with someone they don’t be fake and feel comfortable in his company.

Take some flowers: It will be nice if you take some flowers with you or something made by you for your partner. This will show how much you care for him.

Pay attention to your looks: It’s your overall persona matters. Dress in a decent dress and don’t wear flimsy clothes or dark makeup. Don’t try to show off. This leaves a bad impression. Choose colours which will enhance your appearance. Cleaned underarms, waxing of legs and hands and shampoo should be done beforehand. Choose a tantalising perfume to seduce your partner. A good posture is a must for an impressive getup. Straight back speaks a lot about your confidence.

Choose safe topics: Be very polite and casual and if another person talks something you don’t like try to ignore it by smiling or clear it in an honest way and very politely and decently. Talk on something liked by both of you: Talk on something you both like and you always wished that thing in your life. Tell each other what you actually feel for each other. The worst parts of a date are its silent moments. Think about certain safe topics beforehand. Also, it is a good idea to be up-to-date on the current affairs front. That provides an incredible fodder for good conversation.

Be a good listener: It is not good to remain silent; but it is worse to talk continuously without paying heed to your partners emotions. Having a self-centered date is a bad experience. Be polite and remember to ask lots of questions. Be a good listener. That’s a top dating tip which is sure to win you a few hearts. Be sure to occasionally inquire about his preferences, tastes and habits. You’ll both be more relaxed if you’re not interrogating him. Enjoy your first date: After all, that is the most important thing, isn’t it? Even your super-model looks will not win hearts if your mood remains complaining. Laugh, smile, be attentive, radiate positive energy and most of all; try to look like you are having fun!

Avoid ex-factor: A common mistake that some people make is to talk repeatedly of an ex, or others that they’ve dated previously. Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone tell how their ex-did them wrong, how a previous date turned out to be a bad one and similar stories. Pay attention to the date you’re on and forget about previous loves of your life.

Be open and friendly but not too friendly: Don’t overindulge in anything: alcohol, food, or conversations about yourself. Treat your date with respect and interest and he or she will likely be happy to see you again. Be yourself, most of all, and your real personality will shine through to impress your date.

Don’t splurge: spend in your budget. If going for a dinner, choose a reasonable restaurant and don’t try to impress with your money. Instead of an expensive gift buy a good card, a red rose and few chocolates for her.