By Mansi
We often read about arch nemesis in stories. How they play an important role in the life of the protagonist by becoming their worst enemy. The real question is, do they exist in real life too? We’ve all got that one person who annoys us the most. No matter what they do, you just can’t stand the sight of them. Your colleague, friend or classmate, it could be anyone. That one person you barely even talk to but still wonder what new stunts they are planning to annoy you. Well, you are an adult and can’t fight with them like kids, and you definitely can’t kill them. Don’t be disappointed, just remember kindness is a weapon that can destroy your enemies and haters. Never underestimate the power of a smile and kindness.


Here are some ways to tackle people and situations like these.

When in doubt, smile

The easiest way to defy your hater is by smiling. It will definitely frustrate them. It will make them worried or wonder about you. In both cases you will be the one on the winning side. Don’t give them what they want, instead whatever they say or do, smile as often as you can around them.

Force them to see the positive

If you are having a rough day or your hater has finally set the right trap for you, don’t let it show on your face. Never let yourself down, no matter how hard a situation is. Focus on the positive and not the negative. Despite the criticism, put your head up and get yourself ready to facet it. Be energetic and point out the positive, from every trouble you get in. Use it as an opportunity for self-improvement.

Let them speak asmuch as they want

Your haters might love to blabber about themselves and mock everyone else. Give them the chance to speak up without reacting or responding in any way. This will help make them realise where they stand and what kind of a person they really are. Win their confidence so that they tell their secrets to you and you can use it against them.

Act Sweet

Act in a very sweet and kind manner. Stay in touch and talk to them, do not avoid them at any cost. This will make them feel guilty that despite their wrong behaviour you are behaving nicely with them. Be ready to help them in every way possible. Be on your best behaviour, it will make them feel annoyed. Though the chances are very less but they might start behaving nicely with you.

Make them feel proud

Make them feel like they are on top of the world by complimenting them. This will make them feel unbeatable. They will think very highly of themselves and will ask you for any opinion they need. You can easily manipulate them and can plant your ideas and thoughts in their minds. The trick is to sound obvious and believable. They will eventually start believing anything you say.

Killing with sarcasm

The art of mocking people has endless possibilities. It can be used as a defence mechanism, without even getting accused or noticed. It will be like you are telling them indirectly that you don’t like them and they will also stop talking to you and bothering you because no one likes sarcastic answers.

Learn to balance

Once you learn the art of balancing, you can be sweet and absurd at the same time. You can let it all out and say what you really mean by wrapping it up in polite talk. With a simple way to deal with difficult people, you can balance and work things out easily. This will affect you less and you can handle them effectively.

Prefer to keep quiet

Even if you have something witty to say, don’t say it. Sometimes, it’s better to take a step back and be quiet. Let them go with the flow. Brush it off like nothing has happened. Don’t give them any importance and attention that they crave for by reacting in the heat of the moment. Instead, try to be in a cool and calm mental state.

Channel your energy

Instead of wasting your time and energy on the one you don’t give a damn about trying to utilise it in a better direction. Do not lose your temper at any cost, just ignore them. Try to cut ties with them to handle the situation better. The less attention you will give them, the less they will bother you.

Change the course

When things don’t work out the way you want try handling things with a different approach by opting for an alternate path. Be the mature one in an argument. Stay calm, don’t let them get on your nerves. It is always easier to lose your cool in such situations. Try to address the issues in private if possible. Insulting and arguing won’t make the problem go away or help the situation any better.

Situations like this can prove to be difficult and unusual at times, but do not forget that you are not the only one stuck with these kinds of issues. They might also feel the same about you. These steps can only get you so far, but if your problem still persists, ignoring might not be the best way. Try and get a better understanding to resolve the unattained issues and conflicts.


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