By Mamta Malik
As we move ahead in life with time, we tend to lose friends that we once held dear. As we get busy in our new lives, we don’t get time to keep in regular touch with our friends. This is one of the main reasons for the increasing gap between friends. No one wants to end a relationship with a dear friend, but sometimes situations make it unavoidable. If your friends don’t call you as often as before, you get a feeling that they have forgotten you.
10 Ways to save a Dying Friendship
You get a feeling of betrayal when they don’t share their secrets with you anymore, and the essence in the relation starts to fade. Before you break your friendship think of all the good times you had together. All those memories can help you save your friendship. Here are 10 ways to take your friendship from failing to fabulous.

Make time for your friends
Keep your friends close to you. Being connected with them is essential for happy life. Take some time out of your busy schedule to meet them. Spending time with them to helps restore your bond. Make plans, go out for a movie or lunch. Spending time together will make your friendship stronger.

Accept the fact that situations are no longer the same
We all change with time. Accept that situations are different now and try to understand things. If your friends are no longer the same as they were before, try to accept the change in them. Let your relationship grow and evolve.

Act now
Had a fight with your friend? If you are feeling that you both are drifting apart, do something about it. Always be willing to take the first step to save the relationship. Keep your ego aside, and talk to him or her.

Analyze where it all went wrong

Make an honest analysis of the situation. Think about where it all went wrong? Was it your fault? Think why you are going apart. Is it due to some misunderstanding or because of your busy schedule? Think carefully and try to find out the reason.

If it was your fault, apologize

Keep your ego aside, and talk. Try to make them understand your viewpoint. Listen to their side of the story. Apologize if it was your fault. A simple ’sorry’ can save your relationship. Don’t hold a grudge. Talk about what you are not liking in them. Discussing things will make the situation easier.

Think about all the good times you had together

If your friendship is having avoided time, think of all the good times you had together. Sometimes friendships die because there are too many arguments. Remind your friends of all the pleasant part. Focus on the positive side of the story.

10 Ways to save a Dying Friendship

Find a compromise

Once you and your friend have discussed the issues and cleared things out, find ways to compromise on the things that have undermined your friendship to that point. Look for ways to bring your relationship back on track. Mutual compromising can help you take your friendship in the right direction.

Make plans, do something interesting together

Take out time from your busy schedule for your friend. Plan a holiday. Go on an adventurous trip, climb the mountains, explore new places. Spending time together and doing interesting things can bring back the lost spark in your friendship.

Remind them often that they are special to you

Make your friend feel that they are special to you. Tell them about your feelings often. Send a note, an email or a text to tell what they mean to you and they have a special place in your life. Send them a gift. It shows that you took time out of your busy schedule to do something nice for them. The gift need not be an expensive one, you can send a simple card or their favorite flowers.

Always be willing to strengthen your friendship

Find out ways to strengthen your friendship and to stop drifting apart. Once you have faced challenges in your friendship, you know the worth of your friend. Start creating new memories, spend precious moments together, avoid things that earlier made you go apart. Call them often, share your feelings, show interest in their life. These things will make the unpleasant page in your common history look insignificant and never worth mentioning again.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. So, work on your friendship today. Don’t lose your good friends because of a misunderstanding. Share a good time, avoid conflicts, share a good laughter and revive your friendship. Try these tips and enjoy the essence of friendship.

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