Ditching a guy can be pretty baffling. All you need is a few good ways to dump a guy without any chance of grudges. Breaking hearts can be dramatic and could lead to guilt. However, there are these amazing ways where you could settle a breakup with peace and kindness. Stop thinking and pick the most appropriate way from the list below.


Speak your heart out
Being honest would take a lot of courage but it surely leads you to the right path. Let him know what is going on in your mind, and let him take time to understand your purpose for breaking things apart. Don’t keep your thoughts inside a cage, let them free. It will only make things better and leave a clear image infront of the guy. Twisting words can only cause things to be stuck in a fuss.

Console him
Some guys may not take it so well, they would need a shoulder. Be a friend and let him know you will always be there. Breaking a heart can also be done with the power of love. Consoling makes you kind-hearted and a concerning person. Be sure that you do not let him take the lead, don’t console him so much that he drags you to another date. Be wise and smart. Solace him till he feels better.

Avoid communication
Keeping a distance is the most excellent and desirable way of dumping your boyfriend. Texting him or calling him could only worsen the things. Give the guy a little time to digest the fact that things have taken a new turn. It is always better to give space. Things heal with time. The more you communicate, the more hard it gets. Let him adapt, and let yourself feel free too. He will save time to do something that distracts him rather than being engaged in a pointless conversation that wouldn’t go anywhere.

Apologize and mean it
Make sure that you are not surrounded by selfishness. Apologies are a way to show people that you care. Wounding a serious relationship never does any good but staying in a damaged one could lead to problems. Before putting the blame on him, dig deep to find your own mistakes. Best way to keep the chaos down is to clear things mutually. Let him know that you are sorry for a certain things, and give him time to realize his faults too.

Be kind and patient
Breaking up could be a big deal. It is always better not to rush things up. Take it slow, and let him distance from you with time. Dumping a guy all of a sudden could hurt his ego or could even break his heart. Be patient, and wait for the right time. Show some kindness and let him know what a great guy he is.

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