100 dresses, 150 Nightsuits: Hina Khan’s outfits are BORROWED! A designer just shocking details!

So, this season, Hina Khan has undeniably been the most talked about contestant of the Bigg Boss house. Unfortunately, for all wrong reasons! She already had a massive fan following before she entered the house owing to her daily soap Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai which she did for 8 long years. But after showing her true colours in the show, she has left her all fans extremely disheartened. In contrast to the simpleton lady that she played in her show, in reality, she turned out to be an arrogant, insensitive and a cunning personality. She further made things worse for herself by passing body-shaming, career-shaming and derogatory remarks about women inside and outside the Bigg Boss house.

However, one just can’t deny the fact that she is the most stylish contestants in the show. Her fashion game has been on point since the day 1. Recently, when Hina’s co-star and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Rohan Mehra visited the Bigg Boss house, he lauded his Di’s impeccable fashion choices. He told her that her style is being liked by the masses. This compliment led Vikas Gupta to reveal that the popular actress has carried, not 20 or 40, but as many as 150 night suits with her – one for each day. Well, one might argue it sounds more than the total number of dresses hanging in her closet but the actual number is even higher.

And, after Vikas’ revelation, a designer named Neerusha Nikhat took it to Twitter and accused Hina Khan of borrowing clothes for her stay in the house. She put forth her accusation with screenshots of Whatsapp conversation between her and Hina’s stylist Hemlata Periwal aka Hemu.

In the conversation, it can be seen that Hemu is asking the designer for clothes and accessories for the celeb’s stay in the house.

This didn’t go well with the stylist, who lashed out on the designer for revealing her personal number on social media. She further reinstated that it is absolutely normal for celebs to wear sponsored clothes.

In an interview to a popular entertainment portal, designer Neerusha revealed why she didn’t sponsor clothes for Hina. ” “The reason I said no to the proposition was because I knew Hina when she was doing a show (Yeh Rishta) for Rajan Shahi. I know the whole story on how she exited from the show. Even though I’ve worked for a small time, I’ve worked with this woman. I know her, I know her intentions and I never liked her. So when I was offered to sponsor her in Bigg Boss for minimum 60 days, I denied. When Rohan said that she (Hina) is the style icon, I was like sorry no! She is wearing clothes that are not even suiting her. My whole message was to Hina. Madam at least wear clothes that fit your body. Your height is 5’4’ and you are wearing long gowns that are floor sweeping. Everything she is wearing is too much of an overdue. I’m a renowned stylist that is the reason I can comment on it,” she said.

She further said that she is glad that she didn’t sponsor clothes for Hina! ” Of course it’s (sponsoring) a trend; we’ve sponsored celebs like Mouni Roy, Divyanka Tripathi. But it’s my personal choice whom to sponsor. I’ve seen Hina in two months; she is such a negative and cribbing soul. I don’t like her personally. You are wearing 50k lehenga and sweeping floors; you are wearing a 20K gown and entering in a pool of water! You need to understand what that stylist would be going through, watching it outside. Honestly, she doesn’t deserve good person around her,” she told the portal.

Interestingly, Hina Khan’s Instagram account is full of advertisements of all the clothes she wears in the Bigg Boss house. Her social media team is advertising the designers and brands who sponsored 150 night suits, 50 pairs of shoes and 100 dresses for her stay in the house.



We always wondered if Hina’s actual game in the show was as good as her sartorial choices. But lol, it turns out that even her fashion game is borrowed! Duhhhh! Well, if someone looks it at the other way, it indeed sounds to be a normal deal for an immensely popular celeb like Hina Khan to wear sponsored clothes. After all, her social media team is is fulfilling the promise of promoting them on the diva’s social media account. But the way, she is treating the borrowed ensembles, as mentioned by Neerusha, is not appreciable at all!

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