You Should Definitely Avoid These Things Before Your Big Day To Look Perfect

Just like other brides, you too want to make your day the most beautiful and special day of your life. These are the simple dos and don’ts for your day which you need to keep in mind before experimenting something which you might regret later.

Avoid experiments with your hair!

No! Avoid new hair color just before your wedding. You need some time to get comfortable with your hair color before you can flaunt it. Hair color will only add stress in your last week. Similarly you don’t need to get a haircut just before the wedding. You can just opt for trimming for a fresh look but not more than that.

Work out? Nooo!

Working out or a small fitness regime can cause severe pain in the body which you can’t afford. You’ll have pain and soreness at places you might not have known existed. You surely don’t want to add on these pains when already 100 other things are going on. Do you? Go for healthy food during your wedding days rather than opting for diets or detox foods. It will only contribute to the weakness in your body. Also, avoid eating junk food.

No alcohol, please!

Get done with all your parties’ atleast 15 days before your marriage day so that your body can get cleansed out of all the alcohol in the system. Alcohol adds calories as well as makes you look puffy and bloated at times.

Don’t try new products

If you want to try new chemical products, don’t do it before a week DAY. If it reacts, it will make your skin look bad due to its side effects which is not a good idea for your skin.

Take proper sleep

You need your beauty sleep, especially now. So those all-nighters with friends and family are a strict no-no this week.

Shoe love!

Shoes need to be broken in so as to avoid those blisters and cramps. Don’t buy shoes in the last week or your feet will complain!

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