11 Gross Things That BFF’s Have Done Together In Secret

Having a best friend who always stand by your side in this KALYUG is blessing. Having a BFF is all about love, support and companionship. After a certain point in friendship, we tend to do everything together, which means you are very comfortable with each other. Its not that you always do cute stuff with your BFF, sometimes you do stuff that you keep secret. People have confessed such secret things they have done with their friends.

Check out the 16 gross things that best friends do with and for each other in secret:

  1. This is NASTY!

  2. It’s all about B’s Afterall!

  3. For God’s Sake guys! Buy an extra packet of gum

  4. WTF!

  5. There are many other things to LICK i guess

  6. Let me hold the scale for you two

  7. Everytime!

  8. I mean,Why?

  9. This is some next level Friendship

          10. There are many other soft things to eat girl!

Do you guys also have some gross secrets to share with us? Do let us know in the comments.


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