The relation between a man and a woman is one of the most discussed and debatable topics in the world. We have seen this topic discussed in many books, films, and stage plays. It is very difficult to find a single man or a woman on this planet who can tell you the sure (with 100% accuracy) ways on how to get along with your partner. According to different people who were interacted with the topic notifies that women are good at reading minds and men are good at non-verbal communication. As many think that it’s easy for a girl to find out if a guy likes/loves her but when it comes to guy it’s not as easy for him to find out a perfect girl for him to love.

Well, guys, you don’t have to worry at all, we are here to help the guys in this situation.  We have compiled the list of 11 subtle signs that women give when they’re madly in love with you.

Her pupils get wider when she sees you.

Eye contact refers a very important subject on this topic. When the eyes are connected the Oxytocin hormone is affected and it gives the feeling of being connected. If a girl finds comfortable with you than her pupil gets wider.

Remember to notice the position of her legs.

If she is sitting in a cross-legged position it means you havn’t win her trust yet. Her ankles will be relaxed if she loves and trusts you.

You are at your good if she wants to sit closer to you

If both of you are alone in the room than try to go closer to her face and if she is comfortable, that means she likes you, and if she moves back, then it’s a bad sign.

The way she looks at you

To keep you impressed, the girl will look at you with a calm expression on her face and would take her time to speak.

Position of her face and hand can also be helpful

When you are around her and she is softly trying to play with her accessories it means she wants to attract your attention.

See whether she’s trying to copy your gestures.

If she intentionally or unintentionally ends up copying your gestures and body language, that means she is trying to be like you to understand better.

See what her toes reveal

When a girl is comfortable with you, she will keep on shaking her toes because she is feeling relaxed and has no fear of being judged. It also means that she’s trying to get your attention.

If she checks her hair or clothes in your presence

If she’s doing it more often, getting her clothes and accessories right, she is trying to look perfect for you. When a girl is not interested, she would never try to look perfect.

She would often look into a mirror.

If she regularly checks her in mirror after every 10 minutes than it means she wants her to be best for you

If she folds her hands round, than you are lucky

If she feels comfortable around you and wants to be open up with you than she will fold her hands around her chest.

The well-known to all if she likes playing with her hair.

If a girl wants to open up with you she will touch her hair again and again.

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