The end of a relationship is a new beginning, but before that every girl finds herself doing these things after a breakup. You might have done them at some point in your life and might have even regretted some of these are:-

Pity party

Miserable is how you feel and decide to opt for comfort food, with sad songs or movies in your pyjamas to keep you company. Also you may or may not have taken a shower in a while.

A lot of crying is involved

Thinking about him and the times you spent together will make you shed tears.

Emotional outburst on Facebook wall

It’s a strange time, you are feelings so many things at one, sadness, bitterness, anger that it’s hard to process them. Wanting to express how you feel to other people in your life; you end up doing it by posting sad or sassy lyrics on your Facebook wall. Even lengthy posts or short quotes on how you feel cheated or hurt find a place on the wall.

Uploading a hot/cute profile pic

No better revenge than looking so fabulous that your ex curses the day the decided to let you go.

Bringing out your inner detective

Initially you block your ex on all social media platform to avoid seeing their face. But then curiosity gets the better of you, you want to know what he’s doing, is he as devastated as you or not. So you start stalking him online, analysing every tweet, every post or picture for signs of grief or relief.

View old texts and pictures

After being in a relationship for so long, it’s tough being all alone. You start missing all the good times you had together and look at pictures of the good old times, read texts to re live those moments.

Stalking the Ex’s GF

“How dare he move on before me? And she’s not even pretty, I was such a good catch, she doesn’t even compare to me, Right?!” This is what goes through your head in between stalking his new girlfriend.

Talk trash about your Ex

Sometimes you call him name because he was genuinely annoying, other times because you feel bitter towards him or want to hide how you still want him. You feel it would make you feel better and it does for a while.

Rediscover yourself

You feel like something has changed, you are not the same person you used to be. So you begin by changing your look, since the new you has to look new too, Right? Then you move on to doing things you always wanted to do but someone or something always stopped you.


As a way to forget everything, you decide to let loose for a while, dance the night away with your girl friends. After all it’s been a while since you had fun with just your friends

Rebound relationships

You try to move on by meeting and dating someone new. It makes you feel good about yourself and desirable. You showed your ex that he’s not the only one. But later realise you rushed into this one, you were just trying to fill the void left by your ex and it’s not working out.

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