12 Shades of Woman: An Astrological Perspective.

By Jayashree Cyrus

March 06, 2018

During March 8th the entire world will be celebrating the Woman’s day. Compared to the old days, the importance of woman has been increased. Men are also realizing and supporting the woman to come to the forefront of the society. India is a country which, witnesses a lot of great woman leaders in all walks of life. Our Defense wing is also lead by a strong woman. It is a matter of pride for all the Indian woman.

I truly don’t think that an educated and qualified woman can be put in chains. She has a lot to contribute to the well-being of the society. Gone are the days where a woman just sat at home and spend time in household chores. Many state governments have designed a lot of programs to help a woman in finding and utilizing their talents.

Now a day a lot of feminist movements are a hype. These movements are good, but, there is no point in fighting for men women equality because both are different in each aspect. Even the law of the universe is also different from each other. So, it’s better to keep the individuality. The universe does have space for every man and woman. The universe is not partial.

Astrology is another tool to know the indications from the universe regarding our personal and professional life. This stream is framed to help males, but it is also useful for females to bring discipline in their life.

Your confidence, ego and willpower can be studied through the placement of the Sun. Your sun sign holds the secret of your strengths. Each sign in astrology indicates various matters. Dear women, when you feel lonely, or depressed, just look at your Sun sign and try to figure out what your strengths are. You start working on that, then the universe will naturally bring many solutions to strengthen you.

When the Sun is in Aries, you will have a lot of courage and confidence. You are here to take charge of everything. You may not like self-pity. You have a challenge from the universe to be responsible for your own life. Sometimes you may not find anyone around you for a support, which can be at time frustrating. It has a positive side of that, you don’t have to wait for anyone else.

When the Sun is in Taurus. You are ruled by the planet of love and luxury. Your ego and confidence will come from practical moves. These practical moves will be very good in career-related moves. You should never ever leave the passion for criticism and practicality. The sign of Taurus means materialistic pleasures, so you must find solutions by doing something in this domain. At the same time, you should not overdo it.

When the Sun is in Gemini, you will have a natural strength in the communication sector. Your ego and strength rest in communication and related sectors. You should use this skills in a productive way. Sometimes, your communication can go in a wrong way, because these communications may not be always in a highly intellectual level

When the Sun is in Cancer, you can have a motherly side as it is ruled by Moon. Please don’t let anyone trample your valuable feelings. Please try to protect yourself, as you can be highly an emotional person. At the same time, the Sun sign also indicates our career, you can have a career related to nourishment and customer care.

When the Sun is in Leo, you will have a creative side. There will be an affinity for romantic matters, try to draw limits in that. You will have creative skills, which may help you to set a solid foundation for your life.

When the Sun is in Virgo, you can have a critical attitude of anything and everything. Please don’t overdo anything like being too critical. You will have a passion for being a perfectionist. It will help you to be disciplined, but it can also bring factions within the relationships. Your critical and analytical attitude also can help you to find a career in this domain.

When the Sun is Libra, then you will have a natural knack for being a deal maker. Your strength lies in adding beauty to people’s life. So, you are the natural deal maker and you can set a solid foundation for your life.

When the Sun is in Scorpio, you are a kind of mysterious person who is active but very revengeful. You are an intense personality, but this intensity may not help you always. So, try to keep your feelings under control, otherwise, your life can have too much of difficulties.

When the Sun is in Sagittarius, you can be a very adventurous person with a lot of high-level dreams. Your dreams can be little superficial. You want to live your life in an expansive mode. Your dreams and desires can bring some blocks in the interpersonal relationships. Try to live in a realistic world.

When the Sun in Capricorn, you are highly ambitious. This is a mild chance of getting a government job, so there is nothing wrong in appearing for government services exams. This sign indicates a very practical person. You should not leave the path of practicality at any time.

When the Sun is in Aquarius., you may like to spend time in a fun-filled environment. You are confident in networking, communication, and fields related to science and technology. You will get opportunities from these domains, which can help you to be wealthy in life.

When the Sun is in Pisces, you will try to be secluded, but creativity, spirituality, and related sectors will be a good area to find a job. You are reserved, but never ever try to break that served nature. People may tell you that you should come out of that shell because they don’t know much about the engineering of the universe. That shell is a protection for you

The above-said features are not the ultimate representation of each sign. Still, you may relate to you. That may help you to understand yourself