Have you ever felt puzzled about your first date? Do you badly want to know how he feels? Here’s a solution to all your dubiousness. First dates are tricky as they are full of judgement calls but there are always some basic signs which tell you that he is completely into you even on your first date. Some couples meet and they feel like this is all they ever wanted and are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. You don’t want to waste your time on the ‘wrong guy’ which you could have spent with the man of your dreams. With these signs you’ll be able to identify whether he is your prince charming or not on your first date!

1.He genuinely takes interest in you

On your first date if a guy wants to know about your daily routine, interests and hobbies then it’s a pretty good sign that this might be going somewhere. These things go both ways too! If you find yourself being interested in him the same way then you’re probably swooning over him too.

  1. He looks at you secretly

Well, if a guy looks at you secretly he is genuinely in you. He is of course observing the way you smile or how beautiful you are. If you catch him looking secretly at you and he blushes or smiles sheepishly then it’s a good sign. Also do not confuse looking at you with staring at your body, they are very different things.

  1. He maintains an eye-contact and smiles at you

Maintaining an eye contact means he wants to see as much of you as he can. The way he looks at you and smile give the right signals. Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. If his pupils dilate then he really likes you a lot. This is because pupil dilation is an involuntary act. It is an uncontrollable physiological response.

  1. You feel different with him

You have not felt this way before with anyone else, whatever this feeling is I hope it stays forever. I know it is crazy how you feel about the person you just met. This is basically an indescribable feeling which is a big intuition that you like him a lot.

  1. You feel like you guys are on the same page

On first dates it is very difficult to tell whether you guys are on the same page or not. But after the date if you feel like you guys have the common interests, then it’s great. Being different than your guy is okay – opposites do attract sometimes! However, you want to make sure that you’re on the same page where it really counts. For example, if he spends a significant portion of the date talking about his parents or his siblings, you’ll be able to immediately tell he’s family oriented. While the conversation may begin a bit more surface level, you’re bound to discover some new, more important things about him as the date goes on.


  1. Your date last for hours

If your date last for hours then definitely you guys are enjoying each other’s company and having a great time together. This means the date is not monotonous rather its very happening. You guys are genuinely enjoying and cherishing each other’s company.


  1. He’s being shy and nervous

The guys who are shy are generally reserved. He’s nervous because he really wants this to go well and is overwhelmed by his feelings for you. You can keep a check for signs like tapping his feet while sitting, playing with his phone, drinking a lot of water, etc. He does all these to keep his mind allayed.

  1. The Chemistry is just amazing

The chemistry between you two is just so wonderful. You have never felt so good before! You’re having that butterfly feeling in your stomach when he smiles and compliments you. You’re incredibly, utterly, can’t stop thinking about meeting him again. The chemistry is so great that you don’t know what to do with yourself.

  1. You just know it

You have strong gut feeling that this is going to be something special. Sometimes you just know that things are going to be amazing with a certain person. You don’t want the date to end and you want to see him again as soon as you can! This gut feeling is the feeling of realization that you have not felt before.

  1. You feel like you guys have a connection

It’s been only few hours but you feel like you have a strong bonding with this guy you just met. I know it sounds insane but it’s again a sign that you guys have fallen for each other and he might be the one for you! You feel like you’ve known each other forever.

  1. He pays all his attention to you

Attention. That’s something which every girl wants. First, you should notice the way he’s sitting. If his entire body is facing towards you, it means his attention is focused towards you. Second, he has kept his phone aside or hasn’t looked at it despite it pinging continuously. If the guy is into you and is having a wonderful time with you then he’ll pay all of this attention to you and you only!

  1. He gives a hint for the second date at the end of the first one

This is the biggest sign ever! This means he really wants to be in a relationship with you. He really adores every single thing about you and wants to spend his time with you.


Did you notice some of these signs on your first date? If so, then you’re really lucky – he is completely into you! If not, then better luck next time. He’s not the one for you. Move on, life is too short to waste your precious time on a guy who’s not your prince charming!






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