WeaverStory- The Trusted Name Of New Generation Weavers Comes Up With Festive Collection 2020

WeaverStory.com, A luxury authentic Indian handloom online store co-founded by Nishant Malhotra to promote and preserve the dying art of Indian handlooms and also remove the perception of handlooms being luxury products as promoted by large stores. The brand invariably serves as a space for engagement with India’s rich textile history. The brand has a beautiful collection of handwoven sarees, lehengas, dupattas, and more.
In India, a saree is one of the most integral and elegant attire in which every woman looks beautiful. Indian women belong to different cultures and regions where they wear various different varieties of sarees for different occasions. Indian sarees are one of the most versatile and elegant garments in the world. Saris have been worn in India for many centuries by women belonging to different cultures and regions. Weaverstory has come up with Aadya collection which has a collection of Sarees to celebrate the festivity with comfort and fashion like Banarasi Silk, Kanjivaram Silk, Cotton, and Linens, Shikargah Sarees, Georgettes and Chiffons, Chanderi Sarees. The price ranges from 30,000 to 70,000 INR. and the collection is available at https://www.weaverstory.com/ and at their store-WeaverStory, 253, Westend Marg, near Garden of Five Senses, New Delhi.
The versatility of the Banarasi saree is such that it can even be worn at your workplace, weddings, and meetings as well. In fact, a lot of working women prefer wearing a saree when they have to choose something formal from their wardrobe. Banarasi saree has a certain class and aura which suits every woman perfectly. WeaverStory is back with its authentic Festive Collection 2020 with a variety of Suits, Lehengas, and Dupattas to celebrate the festivity. They have launched their festive collection 2020 for the upcoming festivities. The latest vast collection has Patola Sarees, Kora Silk Sarees, Handwoven Banarasi sarees along with silk and silk jamdani dupattas. WeaverStory.com offers handcrafted Indian authentic wear to women but is also determined to bring the best of craftsmanship to the world and also help them with a window to showcase their best products. The brand has been focusing predominantly on the revival of Banarasi weaves, and designs from museums and traditional forms from annals, and working with weavers themselves.
Weaverstory was conceptualized as a startup in the industry in the autumn of 2015, a master weaver was on the verge of quitting his ancestral profession. In their tiny home in Varanasi town, he and his brothers had forever seen their father bent over the loom, churning out lustrous Banarasi silk saris. It was a skill he loved. But he was not earning enough. While we saw many women craving authentic handlooms on social media, they thought that it was a possible mismatch of demand and supply and they took on themselves to help these weavers reach out to the end buyers. WeaverStory.com invariably serves as a space for engagement with India’s rich textile history. It constantly endeavours to bring this textile heritage closer to every masterpiece it creates. With the archaic laborious weaving techniques that the weavers have perfected with time, they focus on displaying culture on the six yards of elegance. Handloom Industry is the second-largest employer in the country today after Agriculture and India are truly unique and rich in this art. We are the only country where each state does its own weaving right from Banarasi to Kanjivaram to Ikats and patolas to Bomkai’s; the variety is unlimited. WeaverStory is directly working with Weavers and their cooperatives in various states, thereby shortening the sales cycle and helping the weavers get more and instant value for their produce. We also have a softer side to our approach. We work with the ladies of our weavers and help them with skill education through workshops on saree finishing, Tassels making, etc ensuring they become financially stronger and independent. Nishant Malhotra, co-founder of Weaverstory says that “They had received a positive response from customers to their various pop-up stores and on customers, demand is soon determined to launch their experience centres in Hyderabad. The centre would have the  BespokeBanarasi Collection and Kanjivaram available along with other rich fabrics. The plans to extend this expertise to other handloom clusters of India are vast, and we are more determined to bring the best of craftsmanship to the world, and be a part of the empowerment of the handloom industry by helping the struggling craftsmen in India.”
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There has been an encouragement in the fashion industry towards the revival of Koras, Cotton, and Georgette weaving during this year. As for designs, while they have almost all forms in Banarasi weaves, be it Jaals, ChaaskiMuthari, Neelambari to name a few, we have made an exclusive range of Shikaras in different weaving styles like real silver zari, Tanchois, Kimkhabs asides the traditional zari work. Their journey showcases that every saree/dupatta it sells tells the story of the weaver/artist; it helps the customer to understand the intricacy and also appreciate the thought process which has gone into selecting the motif, colour&so on. Apart from the quality & authenticity of the products. weaverStory invests its time & resources in technology from the very start to streamline its processes, as against the large conventional shops. WeaverStory is knitting together the finest threads to weave the art of perfection, in elegance.

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