Men and women are really different, not just biologically, but also emotionally. Naturally, men have a harder time expressing their desires and emotions, which makes it very difficult for women to understand them.
We got some men to spill the beans, and revealed here for you are top things that men want but are too afraid to ask for.

1. Be the first one to initiate romance sometimes. Men love it when you make the first move.
2. Never leave him alone when you are with your friends.
3. Respect him. Men can be real sensitive sometimes and get more offended than you can even imagine when you disrespect them, even if jokingly.
4. Tell him that he is handsome. Men love compliments too!
5. Laugh at ALL his jokes. There is a kind of achievement that men feel when they can make you laugh, and you sure don’t want to mar that.
6. Play with his hair. It is not just women who love that.
7. Dress up for him. He loves you for your natural gorgeous self, but it pleases him to see that you dressed up and made efforts just for him.
8. Don’t flirt with other guys, even if they might be your friends, and it does not mean anything.
9. Comfort them. Men can get really insecure and anxious at times, and really want you to hold them and comfort them.
10. When they ask what is wrong, tell them. Men hate it when you say ‘nothing’ and then bring up the issue later.
11. Forgive. Your partner may have made some mistakes in the past, but so have you. Forgive him and never ever bring up old mistakes in an argument.
12. Me time. Your man loves and adores you, but he wants some ‘me time’ too to relax and unwind.
13. Tell him about your fantasies. Your partner loves to make you feel pampered and fulfil all your needs, but you need to be open with him.
14. He may never tell you this, but he secretly feels happy that you value his opinion and look to him for solutions.
15. Men love it when you do ‘boy things’ with them. If he can accompany you for shopping, you can surely watch that cricket match with him.

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