Why Did The Body Of A Five-Month-Old Girl Turn Into Stone?

Lexie Robbins, a UK baby girl’s body is turning like a stone due to a rare disease. Seeing the condition of the child, the doctors along with the parents are shocked. According to experts, the baby has suffered due to the genetic disorder Fibrosis plegia ossificans progressive (FOP), a rare and incurable disease.


Such cases are found in only one in two million people. Physicians who have seen the child say that they have seen this first case in a career of 30 years. However, in the year 2014, SGPGI, Lucknow also confirmed three such cases. Similar cases have also been reported in Brazil.

At the behest of Lexi’s father Alex and mother Dave, doctors sent the sample to Los Angeles for a genetic test after an X-ray examination. When reports came on June 14, Lexi’s body found the ACR1 gene, which causes a rare disease. Experts do not know the cause of the disease. However, the treatment is expected to be found in the next two to three years.


Alex and Dave told that on January 31, Lexi was born. His thumbs were not normal, a movement was also less. The doctors examined the X-ray and found that there is a problem in the joints of the girl. The thumb has double joints. Doctors told that Lexi has a syndrome problem, due to which she will not be able to walk.

  • Even a minor injury to a child can cause serious problems. Injections or vaccines cannot be given due to a rare disease.
  • Due to the rigid body, dental treatment of the girl child is not possible.
  • Swelling on a mild injury will cause the bones to grow further. It will be difficult to walk. She will never be able to become a mother, pain and joints will bother her.
  • Increased body and neck bones will increase the risk of hearing loss by 50 percent.

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