Food myths which actually aren’t true at all. The truth about the certain food rumours that all of us tend to believe. BUSTED!

We have heard certain things all our life about what should we eat or not. By verifying all facts, most of them weren’t true and turned out to be myths after all.



1. Cooked carrots are more nutritious than raw carrots.

The process of cooking carrot breaks down the tough wall carrying out all the cells in the vegetables that hold the main nutrients.


2. The lesser carbs you take in, the healthier you stay.

Instead of lessening the carbs altogether, chart your diet by having the healthiest carbohydrates, like whole grains, tofu.


3. Carbonated drinks are harmful to you.

Soda is surely unhealthy for you and should be avoided. As an alternate use sodium free seltzer which will quench your craving without being bad your body.


4. Diabetic patients have to completely give up on sweets.

Rather than giving up on sweets, better balance your meals and snacks with all macro and micronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals in proper proportions as required.


5. Fat-free and Low-fat foods are better than food containing full-fat.

Foods which are often labelled as fat-free or low-fat are the same as their original fat product, the companies only replace their fat content by Sugar to make up the taste, which results in no difference.


6. Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than the canned and frozen ones.

Frozen and canned fruits, vegetables have preservatives which carry out all the nutrients, unlike a myth. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables take a lot of time travelling to reach the market which makes them not as fresh as they were when plucked.


7. Red wine is the safest alcohol Among all.

Red wine contains the maximum rate of ethanol which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, which makes it bad as any other alcoholic drink. It only helps in reduction of clotting.



8. Choose organic food over normal food as a healthy option.

Companies making organic food only add empty-calories as non-organic versions, sugar and fat contents are the same and untouched for the same flavours.


9. Salads crowned as the healthiest option in the menu.

In the market nowadays, the food joints sell the salads with add-ons like sauces, salts and fried meat which makes it as unhealthy as a pizza or burger as the add-ons contain fat.



10. Nutritional values reduce if you microwave the food.

While microwaving the food add some water to it and cover the utensil with a lid , this hack will help you retain all the vitamins and minerals in the best possible manner.



11. Vegan food helps you lose weight.

Not eating meat will not help you lose weight because there are unhealthy items in the vegetarian sphere which has to be avoided.


12. Egg yolks raise the body cholesterol.

There are two types of cholesterol : dietary and serum. Egg yolks have dietary cholesterol which isn’t harmful to the human body.




13. Dark chocolate is beneficial for you.

The companies which add 70% or more cocoa in the chocolate are good for you .



14. Facts on nutritional labels are true.

The companies always carefully and minutely manipulate the nutrition labels to present there product as healthy.



15. Human body digests the gum in 7 years.

This is a myth we all are hearing since childhood. After all, studies related to this topic are done and concluded as a result that gum is digested as quickly as any other food.



16. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

This is totally a myth, very common. Drink water as much as you want, your thirst depends on your location climate and body and other such things.

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