What do ladies need? This is a question that has tormented humankind for whatever length of time that people have existed. Ladies are a secret to the male species. Well, in this case, shouldn’t something be said about men as well? Would we, ladies, be able to guarantee a significant comprehension of the men around us? Probably not. We can’t. How regularly we wind up scratching our heads over things that men do, is a declaration to the way that it’s not just men who don’t comprehend ladies. There is plenty we don’t exactly get about them either. Maybe it is on the grounds that people are truly excessively extraordinary – that men are from Mars, and ladies are from Venus. Maybe it is a social gap that has been made by us. Maybe it is just that we don’t convey successfully, and don’t set aside the opportunity to stop and ponder each other’s conduct. Or then again, maybe this puzzle is fundamental to keeping up sentimental interest for each other. Whatever the reason might be, here are 18 things about men we simply don’t get!


1. How their feet are generally so soft!

2. How they can never point their pee where it needs to go!


3. How they can really be thinking nothing when they say they are thinking about nothing

4. How they figure out how to find answers for problems almost every time


5. How they keep their cool in traffic jams

6. How they sometimes don’t comprehend that genuineness is the most essential thing in a relationship


7. How they seem to be horrified of getting emotions!

8. How they believe that a cold is an apocalypse!


9. How they can now and again be so romantic without even attempting!

10. How they can fill our heart with joy just by giving us a big bear hug!


11. How they can once in a while go days without checking in with their friends and family

12. How they just can’t multitask!


13. How they can make themselves feel better by playing video games throughout the day

14. How they have to simply turn off and do literally nothing on a regular basis


15. How they can sometimes be equal parts in love with someone and terrified of committing to them

16. How they belittle how their conduct impacts others


17. How they figure out how to keep things light when it makes a difference the most

18. How they don’t comprehend that they are imperative to us

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