We have always considered the wedding photos as a perfect moment. Wedding photos are one of the best things to be kept with someone as a life time. But, let me tell you that if you are still thinking about that serious trend of wedding photograph than you might be wrong! Now the trend is absolutely changed and the couple wants to be very naughty at their wedding photos. Here we have collected naughty wedding photos of couples that will surely make you laugh.

Have a look at the pics one by one:

Bum cheeky bums

The whole squad

WTF! Don’t you think he is hiding on a weird place?

Lucky Bryant

Pics of bums and bridesmaid

The pic responsible for divorce

He is trying to say that Newly Wed Couples are not special

Can’t be defined

The couple seems to be in Hurry and they can’t wait till midnight

The Dirty Couple

That’s some nice way to show love for your country’s flag

Guess! Who is the Bride here?

The kid is trying to find some toy to play with but, at the wrong place


All are watching

That’s some overly exposed wedding dress

Best men in form

I hope his wife doesn’t see this picture

The lucky Groom

A cute pic of groom and groom’s man

What she wants to test?

Hope you all have enjoyed this article!

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