Summers are way too harsh on our skin! A day out in the sun is so much fun but only if the skin can be fresh and energetic till the end of the day. Acne, tanning, sun burn, blemishes, pigmentation – and the list goes on. During summer, the skin’s natural oils start flowing freely and result in dull, oily and blemished skin. Thus your skin demands special attention in this scorching hot season. Spending time in the sun for a longer period not only tans your skin, but also causes wrinkles and patchy skin.

The moment a new skin product enters market which looks promising, we jump on it without wasting time. But most of these products turn out to be lies told in order to make money. Still, we have our own home remedies prepared for such times and they do work well, but to prepare them is a bit of a drag and they actually work pretty slowly for the kind of improvement we want.

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And here we introduce you to a product which not only works wonders but is also absolutely herbal.

Banjara’s Papaya Face Wash is exactly what your skin demands in this season. It is a mild soap-free gel enriched with natural ingredients like Papaya and Honey extracts. It deep cleanses the oily skin and makes it look brighter and healthier. Papaya enzymes present in the face wash also helps protect skin cells from free radical damage caused by harmful UV rays. Its nourishing properties clear the clogged pores, remove dead cells and revitalize the skin.

Regularly use this herbal and affordable face wash to make your skin flawless, bright and naturally fair. Happy Summer!

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