Falling in love is the best thing ever. You just want to spend all your time with them doing nothing and everything. The world seems brighter and all your problems seem lighter. While we all want to live in our dreamland with our partners, it’s wiser to be practical. Because let’s be honest. This is real life. It sucks. But it’ll suck a lot lesser if we behave smartly and practically.

Here are a few topics you must discuss with your partner if you have a new relationship before things get too serious and intense. And either of you end up hurting the other.

• Winding-down
If your idea of downtime is curling up on your couch with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee and he prefers to go out and party to end his day, it could impact the future of your relationship. So it’s better to discuss this issue or find a middle-ground.

• Past sex-life
Before you go all-in, in a new relationship, each partner must come clean to the other about their past. Sexual or otherwise. This can prevent you a good lot of animosity and bitterness in future.

• Marriage
Sure you really like him and he loves you too. But when you look into the future and you see both of you being married and settled and he doesn’t see or want the same thing then that can lead to discord between you two.

• Money
Money is one thing that can jeopardize your relationship and it will be too late before you realize what went wrong. Before money matters can cause bitter and ugly fights, sort out how you both want to handle your finances.

• Past Relationships
We must forgo the past and live in the present. That’s what our elders always taught us. But how can you move forward with him if you know nothing of his past. It’s wise for both of you to come clean about your respective past relationships and partners.

• Exclusivity
How committed are each of you towards each other? He might believe that you both are exclusive but you might still be swiping left and right on tinder. Now that can lead to some major heart break in future. It’s crucial to clear up this issue of commitment.

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