Summer is here and the onset of summer season gives rise to many issues related to our skin and body. Summer means merciless sunlight that harms our skin and body in more ways than one. Harsh sun rays can damage our skin and can result in sunburns, dehydration, discolouration, and dryness.
We cannot avoid the Sun completely. But we can adopt certain measures to make sure to minimize the menace of the summer season.

1. Be gentle with your skin

Summer season results in an oily skin for many of us. So we think it’s better to use strong and harsh products on our skin. But using such harsh products robs our skin of essential oils that it produces naturally. So make sure to use milder soaps and products.

2. Use Sunscreen

In the summer season, make sunscreen lotions your best friend. Harsh sunlight doesn’t only tan our skin but also outs us to the risk of cancer. Make it a habit of never stepping out into the open without using sunscreen, even when it’s not sunny outside because UV rays are always present in the atmosphere that have dangerous effects on our skin.

3. Opt for anti-fungal products

In the summer season, it is very common to catch germs and fungal infections. So always use antifungal soaps, face washes, body washes, body lotions and talcum powders. To keep those germs and infections away.

4. Exfoliate regularly


Summertime or not, make it a habit of exfoliating two to three times a week. It gets rid of dead skin cells and helps in better blood circulation. And in summer since we sweat a lot, it’s better to exfoliate regularly to keep our skin healthy.

5. Hydrate yourself


Summer season is synonymous with dehydration. The more we sweat the more moisture we lose. So it becomes crucial to hydrate our skin and body. To hydrate our skin, we must opt for water-based products. To hydrate our body, we must drink enough fluids throughout the day.

6. Use Face mists


Another way to ensure our skin remains hydrated at all times is to keep a bottle of facial mist with us always. Just spray it on your face whenever you feel your skin is dry and dull. Face mists can also be made naturally at home. They refresh our skin and restore the moisture.

7. Go for Minimal make-up


It goes without saying that heavy make-up is not preferable in the scorching heat. Go for minimal and light make-up otherwise; you will have to deal with melting foundation and smudgy eye makeup.