Actor Abhay Deol will next be seen in Faraz Haider’s ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’. The movie is a horror-comedy that revolves around the life of a ghost falling in love with a crook. The movie also stars Patralekha and Manu Rishi.

Recently, the team was in Delhi for their movie promotions and we had a word with the Abhay. We asked Abhay about him being choosy while picking movies. Abhay said, “I look at relatability. That’s the first thing I have said, every time I am asked this question. I am not attracted to larger than life or to formula. I get attracted to characters that I find relatable. Then, of course, it is the story that has to appeal to my likes.”

With Nanu Ki Jaanu, 4-5 other movies are scheduled to release this Friday, including High Jack, Daas Dev, Beyond the clouds, Ishq Tera and Omerta (said to be postponed now). When asked how high are his expectations for the movie with so many releases this Friday, Abhay said, “I am hoping all of them do well. I am not just saying it just like that. I love Majid Majidi, I would say go watch Beyond the clouds. Because I wish that maybe Beyond the clouds was housefull so somebody goes and buys ticket for Nanu Ki Jaanu or vice versa or some other movie. I think we can support each other. I think we have enough public to watch all types of movies. I will just tell the audience that if you want variety, if you want change, go to cinemas this Friday. I am not saying that go and watch my movie, if you want to watch it, go watch it but there are really many movies to choose from this week and all of them are very unique, all of them attempting to be different. So, you should go there and watch so that local talent is encouraged that is not part of the mainstream. ”

Well, this Friday has a lot to offer to the audience. We hope all the movies do well at the box office. Which movie are you excited for this Friday? Let us know in the comments section below.

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