It has been two long years that India lost its much-loved television actress Pratyusha Banerjee, who was found dead, hanging from the ceiling of her house in Mumbai. The 24-year-old actress used to live with her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh in the same apartment, who is also said to be the prime suspect in her death.

It is said Rahul and Pratyusha led a toxic relationship which ultimately led to Pratyusha’s death. The couple used to stay together in the same apartment in which the ‘Balika Vadhu’ fame actress was found dead in the mysterious state. It is further said that Rahul cheated on Pratyusha and used her as well. He was also detained by police but walks free today.

1st April 2018 marked her second death anniversary but justice hasn’t been served yet. Despite extensive media coverage, the real reason behind her death is still unclear.

On her second death anniversary, Pratyusha’s parents gave an interview to a leading online portal and bared it all about their daughter’s troubled relationship and Rahul’s misdeeds.

Pratyusha’s father expressed his disappointment with the Indian judicial system. He said, “It is 2 years today that my daughter died in mysterious circumstances. The trial has not begun; the police has not even filed charges yet. I fail to understand that despite such enormous media coverage, why have things not yet moved. And that guy who took my daughter’s life is roaming free on bail. What kind of justice is this?”

Somaji, Pratyusha’s mom stayed with her daughter and Rahul for a while and here’s what had noticed then, “Problems were starkly evident, I was telling my daughter to end her relationship- but she always turned around and said that I should not be worried. But yes, they had many fights. I could hear her crying inside the room at night. I used to intervene but…”

Her father further said, “Rahul entered Pratyusha’s life to fleece her and he succeeded. He made her quit Sasural Simar Ka on Colors Tv and made her do some reality show on Sony”

During the investigations, Rahul had claimed that he started staying with Pratyusha only a month before she passed away but her mother dismissed these remarks and said, “He started staying with Pratyusha since August 2015. Rahul is a big liar. He just cannot speak the truth. He fleeced my daughter of all he earnings and savings.”

Rahul, on the other hand, once blamed Pratyusha’s parents for fleecing her earnings. Responding to the same, her mother said, “Is that why he withdrew lakhs from Pratyusha’s account?” “He had told me that he had lost his debit card, and thereafter he was using Pratyusha’s debit card, she further added.

Her father interrupted and revealed that Rahul withdrew at least Rs 50 lakhs from Pratyusha’s account.  “Rahul never had even Rs 100 in his pocket. And mind you, we are saying all this on basis of withdrawals which were reflecting on my wife’s phone. After a while, we learnt that my wife’s number had been struck off from the list of people that the bank was supposed to inform. He withdrew at least Rs 50 lakh after my wife’s name was struck off.”

He also made one more shocking revelation that a lot of gold was also purchased from Pratyusha’s account. “And do you know that a lot of gold was purchased from Ranchi (Kuldeep Jewellers) which we got to know from the statement which we acquired from the bank after Pratyusha’s death?” When asked if they got that gold after her death, he said, “We didn’t get even her clothes and award trophies, leave aside gold.”


Pratyusha Banerjee’s parents also revealed their last conversation with her. Her mother spoke to her on 29 March 2016 whereas her father spoke to her a day after that. “I read out to her from Bejan Daruwalla’s predictions that she has good days ahead, but she cut me short and said ‘Life is very difficult, Daddy’. I heard a bell ringing in the background and she hurriedly said ‘I will call you later” her father said.

The parents couldn’t stop crying as they talked about it all but they still hope for the trial to begin.