And where it was found

By Ramcharan Ramnath Harshana


Ramu, the head peon in the office of the district collector, couldn’t believe his eyes when along with the household goods that were unloaded from the truck, he found a big cage in which about 15 to 20 chickens and hens were locked together, cackling. The moment he lifted the cover he was taken aback by the fluttering of the birds. For a moment he was greatly scared, then realised it was the noise made by the birds shut in the cage.

‘Does sahib carry chickens and hens too wherever he goes?’ he asked himself.  Then he asked the labourers to unload the cage from the truck. They together lifted the cage and took it onto the verandah of the collector’s bungalow.

“New Collector shifting in his new bungalow”

A week ago the new collector had joined duty after his transfer. At the first sight one would never believe him to be a person of such a high designation. He looked simple, dressed in white kurta and pajama, wearing Kolhapuri chappals. It was heard that he came from the rural area of a North-East state of India and his forefathers were farm workers. He was the first of his generation to achieve such a dignified government post of an IAS officer. He had a simple wife and two very small kids of hardly one or two years.

The household goods that were brought by truck to his bungalow hardly matched with his post. The furniture was old and outdated. Even the television set and desktop computer were of past generation. However, what had utterly shocked Ramu was that his master was raising chickens and hens and therefore there was no doubt that he was a non-vegetarian.

Moreover, Ramu had been serving in the same office for the last 20 years and had the experience of working with at least 10 IAS officers, but none was found to be queer and eccentric.

He looked fastidious and always wore a serious look on his long thin face. He was strict and always treated his staff members with an air of superiority. Even in his office, he behaved in a miserly way and never offered anybody tea or cold drinks and if someone offered him he never shown the courtesy to pay. It seemed that he was driven by greed for money and power.


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