Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots has been a crucial film for most of us. Not only did it urged the youngsters to recognise their true passion but also broadened the mind of otherwise stereotypical parents to allow kids to follow their dreams! Its amazing and memorable characters, Raju, Rancho, Farhan, Epic principal- Virus and Chatur, still tickle our bones and make us weep! This mass entertainer successfully explored and exposed the Indian education system and ignited a debate on whether the country’s education system needs change.

However, this brilliant masterpiece written and directed by Raju Hirani inspired a Mexican director who then decided to make a Mexican version of it. And the film is already complete and all set to hit the screens. The trailer is also out albeit it looks very different from the original one.

Well, have a look at the crazy trailer that is surely going to take you on a nostalgic ride.

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