‘Death Seems Better’: FIR Fame Actor Ishwar Thakur Suffers From Severe Kidney Disease; Deets Inside!

Actor Ishwar Thakur of FIR and Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain fame said that he is battling a severe financial crisis as he is suffering from a kidney ailment. The actor shared his plight of not being able to afford diapers for himself or his ailing mother.

Ishwar has acted in several comedy shows. These include May I Come In Madam and Jija Ji Chhat Par Hai. But he has been unable to work due to his condition. He said that his legs are swollen. He is now unable to hold urine and is therefore forced to use paper and old newspapers.

He told a media portal that he does not even have the money to buy diapers. He is using old newspapers as a substitute. He cannot get himself treated by a good doctor because he cannot afford it. Earlier, he was undergoing Ayurvedic treatment for his condition. But he has stopped that as well as he doesn’t have any money now.

He added that he is very critical. For him, death seems better than this life now. But he cannot leave his mother and brother in this condition alone. So he continues to fight.

FIR actor Ishwar said that his mother is bedridden. She urinates on the bed since the Covid-19 lockdown. His brother is suffering from schizophrenia. Due to the financial crisis of the family, he has been shifted to an ashram unlike a government hospital.

He added that he has found it difficult to walk around with a swollen leg. But he gave a few auditions. After the producers learned about his condition, they avoided giving him work for fear of something happening to him on set. He revealed that many of his colleagues have helped him financially over the past few years. But he is struggling with the crisis. He said that Sonu Sood Foundation helped him too.


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